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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Comments -- Nov. 20 issue

posted: 11/22/2015

Sick of environmentalists

Re: Coastkeeper seeks to replenish Southern California oyster reefs (Sept. 25 issue). No kidding Maxx but hey these folks are using tax payer money getting grants from the government.

Comments, Nov. 6 edition

posted: 11/9/2015

Use eminent domain and be done with it

Re: Huntington Harbour fuel dock shut down (Oct. 9 issue). Come on HB, use the powers of Eminent Domain and seize the fuel dock using "safety" as an argument. 

Comments -- Oct. 23 edition

posted: 10/26/2015

Interested observer 

Re: Coastkeeper seeks to replenish Southern California oyster reefs (Sept. 25, 2015 issue). Good luck. Look what happened when the current administration, under Salazar, totally shut down the Drake's Bay Oyster Company, in Marin County, this year, for perceived environmental violations that were outright fabrications.

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Comments -- Oct. 9 edition

posted: 10/9/2015

Finally a real boat launch ramp

Re: Redondo Beach waterfront revitalization could be on tap (Sept. 25 issue). It's funny when the older residents whine and try to fight change in this city yet love the prices their old homes are worth today. The younger professionals driving up the prices demand better services and infrastructure. If the Shade hotel and Legado type architecture offend you, then maybe you would feel more at home in San Pedro. Build that boat ramp already!

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Comments- Sept. 25

posted: 9/27/2015

Marina nozzles, yes!

Re: Dock Lines Boaters and marinas respond to the drought (Sept. 11 edition). Great article for boaters about how to quit wasting potable water, by always using a nozzle that easily shuts off at the hand hold. Plus info on efforts in all our marinas to conserve potable water. I’m glad to see that more marinas are using sea water to wash pelican poo off the docks. How does San Diego compare to the rest of California marinas in this effort?

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Comments-Sept. 11 ed.

posted: 9/14/2015

In awe of sailor’s passion

Re ‘World’s Best Racing Navigator’ explores the far corners of Earth ( Aug. 28 issue). I'm just inspired by his message of choosing to live “a life rich in experiences rather than rich in dollars.” Money can fund experiences, but it's about experiences, friendships and not "things". Nice things are great and money is a tool but not fulfillment in of itself. How much you make gains significance in how you use it.

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Comments - Aug. 28 edition

posted: 9/1/2015

Show me the proof!

Re: Water Board seeks boater input for new TMDL plan (Aug. 14 issue). Can somebody please direct us to some measurements of Cu in the harbor and to some peer-review studies that point to the possible damages by Cu? Or this is really just “a solution in search of a problem” as Commodore Marshal said?

Marko Princevac
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posted: 8/17/2015

Thoughts on Refugio oil spill

Facebook post Re: Santa Barbara oil spill cleanup cost hits 92 million (July 3 issue).  

Paul Paul: Social, economic and ecological cost: priceless.

Letters/Online Comments -- July 31 edition

posted: 8/2/2015

Facebook posts Re: Cheyenne’s permit will not be renewed

Matt Proctor: I love oppressive government.

Marcos Weinstein: Well? Chris Welsh, your fans want to know?



Letters/Online comments

posted: 7/19/2015

Fourth of July nightmare

I live in San Pedro. If you had been there for the Fourth  of July shows, you spent a get deal of time trying to get out of there when it was over.

Letters/Online Comments

The Log staff  |  posted: 7/6/2015

Kudos to Duncan

RE: Duncan McIntosh at the helm as The Log navigates to 1,000th issue (June 19 issue). Thousands of us in the SoCal boating community are very grateful to Duncan McIntosh for steering The Log through rough patches into friendly waters - the 1,000th issue, bravo. 

Letters/Online comments, June 19 ed

posted: 6/22/2015

SUP Businesses need to be regulated

Re: Redondo Beach City Council reviews King Harbor’s future (May 22 issue). AKA taxed. If SUP users are violating navigation laws or safety issues need to be addressed, do it. Regulating the industry is just another big government control and tax grab.

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posted: 6/9/2015

Avalon a party town?

Re: Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever comes to Avalon: party-or-liability (May 22 issue).I thought it was amusing that someone from Anheuser Busch obviously Googled "Avalon" and discovered the "spontaneous fun" of the bison population. In addition, I think that it is interesting that some residents apparently have not embraced the fact that Avalon indeed is a tourist town and a party destination. They are concerned about a land based party, which I am sure Anheuser Busch and the local law enforcement will have well in hand, people drinking and buying beverages ashore rather than the thousands who bring their own food and drink aboard their boats. I think that this will be well handled by Avalon as long as there isn't a cruise ship in at the same time. Party On.

H. Tedford
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Comments, May 22 ed

posted: 5/26/2015

Nay on PFD bill 

Re: State Assembly unanimously approves PFD bill (May 8 issue). This means anyone under 13 on a cruise ship or Catalina Express would have to don a PFD every time they stepped out of a cabin whilst in California waters. That includes a lot of Boy Scouts going/coming from Catalina. Really? If I were a cruise ship operator within California, I might start imposing age limits on my vessels or better yet, just leave California and take my business elsewhere.

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Comments, May 8 ed.

posted: 5/11/2015

Port redevelopment plan 

Re: Port of San Diego inches ahead with master plan update (April 10 issue). The Port of San Diego is a self-supporting public benefit corporation governed by a seven member Board of Port Commissioners. The commissioners are political appointees of the elected politicians of the five cities around the bay. The commissioners serve at the convenience and benefit of the city politicians. Considering the numbers, this strongly hints of a subtle form of “gerrymandering.” The function of the port is to produce all sorts of documents, regulations, and news interviews (such as this) to promote itself and the cities. This will never change, they're doing it again.

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