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Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Can Mariners Mile remain a boating destination?

posted: 10/13/2014

While it’s not breaking news that the strip is creeping closer to becoming a strip mall instead of a boater’s one-stop-shop, it is disconcerting. 

San Diego’s new fish market a plus for all

posted: 9/27/2014

Fishermen in the San Diego area are experiencing a boost in sales with the opening of the new Tuna Harbor Dockside Market at Fish Harbor Pier in Tuna Harbor. The open-air market is doing more than allow anglers to provide fresh fish to residents and visitors alike – it also reminds the public of the city’s fishing industry roots.

Another valuable app for boaters

posted: 9/13/2014

Boaters who are in the beginning stages of planning a cruise to a distant, or not well known harbor, should consider using the new Boater’s Guide that was recently released nu the California Clean Vessel Education Program, a partnership of The Bay Foundation and California State Parks’ Division of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating). 

Letters, Sept. 12-25

posted: 9/12/2014

Jetpack insanity


Jetpacks in the harbor. Is this the definition of insanity or what? Isn’t it bad enough we boaters--those of us who actually “pay” for the harbors--have to put up with all the stand up paddle boarders and kayakers? You know the ones who insist they have the “right-a-way” and create navigational hazards for the power boaters. It’s getting to the point where it’s no fun to go boating anymore because of the need to constantly be on the alert for all the hazards caused by them. The idea of being able to rent these toys to untrained, irresponsible people and have them turned loose to block and cut in front of boaters is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Long time boater in Huntington Beach

Ships vs. whales dilemma seems to no longer be a problem in Santa Barbara

posted: 8/31/2014

With the launch of a new voluntary program that asks cargo ship captains to slow down ship speeds in busy ports and ship lanes, it appears the concern that whales will continue to be struck and killed by boats is on the decrease as shipping companies sign on to the program.

Keep the bonfires

posted: 8/18/2014

With the question of whether bonfires will stay or be forced to leave local beaches, the issues has continued to gather steam as a new bonfire bill was introduced to the Senate Appropriations this summer.

Letters, Aug. 15 ed

posted: 8/16/2014

Bring back the crossword puzzle


I started doing The Log's crossword puzzles in 2007 when I first started to learn how to sail at the San Diego Yacht Club.  I looked forward to it every week and learned some sailing terms, too. I wouldn't look up the words on the internet but asked other yacht club members and sailors if they knew the answer, if I was stumped. Everyone knew of the crossword puzzle in The Log. Please bring it back. Your newspaper just isn't the same without it.

Guest Commentary

posted: 8/1/2014

For several months now I’ve been talking to people about some proposed changes to our navigation aids – particularly some local buoys – and encouraging boaters to take an interest in, and speak out about, ideas being considered by both National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Coast Guard.

Letters, July 18 ed

posted: 7/22/2014

Honoring a heroic act


The city of Newport Beach and the local community lost a true hero Sunday, July 6, when Newport Beach Lifeguard Ben Carlson courageously entered the challenging and turbulent waters off Newport Beach to save a swimmer in distress. 

Guest Commentary: Smoke alarms are a must on vessels

posted: 7/21/2014

I want to share an interesting boating experience I had recently in Catalina. When we arrived at our moored sailboat, I found our stereo system and sump pump for the aft shower and sink were not working. 

Opinion: Back Bay Landing project should move forward

posted: 7/5/2014

After several years of hearing about the Back Bay Landing Project, it was not surprising to learn that an advocacy group was making a last minute attempt to stall the multimillion dollar project. But with so much support from stakeholders and the local Newport Beach community, it was not a shock that the attempt failed.

Letters, July 4 ed

posted: 7/4/2014

Stop wasting water

Thank you for the article explaining the importance of water rationing in the June 20 edition of The Log. It is very disappointing to know that not everyone is taking this drought seriously, and continuing to waste precious water.

Guest editorial

posted: 6/24/2014

Kudos to the Long Beach fire chief for making the sound decision to remove fire department lifeguard personnel from the marine fire suppression mission. This important step will pay dividends in the safety of the public, firefighters, and inadequately trained lifeguard members who were tasked with performing firefighting duties.

Letters to the Editor

posted: 6/15/2014

Goodbye to a master shipwright


I was saddened to hear of the passing of master shipwright Dennis Holland who passed away Monday, May 12 (The Log, May 23 edition). I followed the story of Dennis and Shawnee for the past few years when he and the vessel began to make headlines in local newspapers.

Guest Editorial: Virtual Aids to Navigation for Real Boats?

posted: 6/15/2014

For six months now I’ve been explaining to people that paper charts are still available, but just not coming out of the Federal printing press. See the previous The Log article (May 9-22, 2014) for the details. Most all of my customers agree that paper charts are important, and that electronics are not always reliable for navigation.

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