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Sarasota Begins Charging Boaters for Mooring Near Downtown

posted: 11/19/2012
SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) -- People who live aboard their boats in the water will now have to pay for the space they occupy here.             Starting Nov. 1, Sarasota boaters were required to pay at least $250 per month for their space.            

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that the new requirement is part of the city’s $1 million plan to keep boaters from dumping sewage into the water. The plan is also designed to get rid of derelict boats.            

About a decade ago, city officials started talking about revamping the mooring field. They said that during storms, many boats break free from their anchors and end up on shore, or in people’s yards.            

The city-owned Marina Jack offers boat owners wireless Internet service, laundry facilities and sewage pumpout services.            

The project hasn’t been without controversy. But by Oct. 31, 23 of the city’s 35 available spots were already filled.

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