California Coastal Commission won’t meet in January

The California Coastal Commission will start the 2019 calendar year on hiatus, as the quasi-judicial agency does not have a meeting planned for January. The meeting, if it had took place, would have occurred Jan. 9-11. The commission last met in Newport Beach, Dec. 12-14.

This is the second year in a row the Coastal Commission was dark for its January meetings. Members of the quasi-judicial agency also skipped its January meetings in 2018. The only other unplanned meeting in recent years was April 2017.

Commissioners will return to the dais, Feb. 6-8, for their first meeting of 2019. The February meetings will take place on the North Central Coast.

The remainder of the 2019 meeting schedule looks like this:

  • March 6-8, L.A./Orange County
  • April 10-12, Central Coast
  • May 8-10, South Central Coast
  • June 12-14, San Diego
  • July 10-12, Central
  • 7-9, North Coast
  • 11-13, L.A./Orange County
  • 16-18, San Diego
  • 13-15, North Central Coast
  • 11-13, South Central Coast.

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