Newport Beach Harbor Commission elects new officers, changes meeting time

The Newport Beach Harbor Commission has a new set of officers, with Bill Kenney now serving as chair. With former Chair Paul Blank finishing his term in June, the Commission voted for the position at their July 8 meeting as well as positions of vice chair and secretary. Scott Cunningham will continue to serve as vice chair and Ira Beer as Secretary. Cunningham had been up next in the pecking order to serve as chair but nominated Kenney, saying he felt he had a broader breadth of knowledge of the topics brought to them.

“I’ve been on the commission three years, three months and I still feel like I’m a rookie up here and I have so much to learn and I think experience is everything,” Cunningham said at the July 8 meeting.

The Newport Beach Harbor Commission will now meet at 5 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month. The Commission addressed an agenda item at the July 8 meeting of a proposed change to the start time of the Harbor Commission meetings. The proposal was suggested by Commissioner Cunningham.

“Sometimes find ourselves working into the evenings and a little late and I think sometimes people hurry things up and you know make bad decisions later in the day,” Cunningham said.

Six of the seven commissioners voted to change the start time to 5 p.m., with Chair Kenney abstaining.

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