Cabrillo Mole Ferry Terminal may soon see revitalization

A proposed development of the aged ferry terminal area will go before the California Coastal Commission.

AVALON—Visitors traveling via ferry to Avalon pull into the Cabrillo Mole Ferry Terminal, which over the years has seen quite a bit of wear and tear and are in desperate need of repair.  Fortunately, repairs to the location, close to Lover’s Cove, have been submitted to the California Coastal Commission and a permit is pending.

A Notice of Pending Permit was posted to one of the windows of the visitor center near the mole on May 1. The application number of the project is 5-17-1043.

Under the proposed development, now referred to as the Cabrillo Mole Ferry Terminal Revitalization Project, it is stated, “Proposed repairs include reinforcing members and steel grates on the wharf, concrete slab repairs on the mole, railing repairs and installation of pedestrian shade.”

City Manager of Avalon, Denise Radde, was contacted for feedback, but she was unable to comment at press time.

The grates, which could potentially be dangerous, have been roped off and visitors are advised not to walk on them.

For more information about the project, the notice suggests contacting the California Coastal Commission’s Long Beach office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 562-590-5071.

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