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Discover Stargazing in Catalina’s Dark Skies

Byline: Ambrosia Brody

AVALON — Astronomers and others fascinated by the stars can turn their eyes to the skies during Catalina Coastal Tours’ “The Astronomy Experience.” This year-round excursion offers visitors a chance to view shooting stars and other celestial displays without competition from car headlights, neon signs and streetlights.

Isolated in the Pacific Ocean, 26 miles off the coast of California, Santa Catalina Island offers dark sky viewing away from city lights — making it an ideal location for viewing comets and star alignments.

“The Astronomy Experience” is an evening astronomy program led by Kathleen Hill Carlisle, an amateur astronomer who has been featured in Westways and Sunset magazines. Shw will welcome guests aboard the charter boat C Star, where she will guide a tour and discuss the history of astronomy, star lore and mythology. Carlisle will also explain how to locate the constellations, and will help tour attendees gain a basic understanding of the solar system and the galaxy.

The session will continue, once back on land, where guests can view the moon and planets through a telescope. As an extra celestial bonus, Jupiter, with its four Galilean moons, will be visible during spring.

For more information about “The Astronomy Experience,” call (626) 290-2888 or visit

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