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Historic Kids Fishing Derby takes place each Wednesday on Green Pleasure Pier

AVALON — Avalon has been hosting a weekly Kids Fishing Derby in the summertime for more than seven decades. Each Wednesday, someday-pro-fishermen (or lady anglers, for that matter) can participate in a fishing competition at the end of Avalon’s Green Pleasure Pier.

Anyone who takes a stroll down the iconic, green-colored pier can see just how many fish are flooding the sea in Catalina’s clear, cool waters. During a recent trip over to the Island, there was an abundance of sea bass, albeit small catches that mostly had to be thrown back. The Kids Fishing Derby, which has been taking place in Avalon since 1944 and is sponsored by local businesses, gives children the chance to participate in the good-natured sport of competitive fishing and learn more about the art of angling that has been a rich part of Catalina Island’s history and industry.

To take part in this fun activity, kids must bring their own rod and reel or, alternatively, a dropbox and bait. Visitors who would like to join in, but do not have gear on hand, will find an abundance of shops on the pier or in town. This event is lead by a fishing guide. A free activity that is presented by The City of Avalon’s Recreation Department, it takes place from 7-9 a.m. On a sign permanently posted on Green Pleasure Pier, it reads, “Win Great Prizes – Gain Lifelong Memories.” Winners will receive prizes assumed to be provided by many of the local businesses in town following the derby.

For more information, visit the website at or call 310-510-0220 ext. 231 to learn more about this event.

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