Pro surfer, paddle champion crosses all eight of the Channel Islands, ending on Catalina

TWO HARBORS—Professional big wave surfer and ten-time Molokai Paddle Champion Jamie Mitchell is on a mission. On Sept. 3, Mitchell embarked on a 170-mile paddle of the crossings between all eight Channel Islands to raise money and promote solutions towards a sustainable planet.

On Sept. 7, Mitchell paddled the final channel from San Clemente Island to Catalina Island, where he was welcomed to shore by friends and family at Cat Harbor.

The five-day paddle, however, was only the start of his mission. Mitchell and his team, during the coming months, will build upon this idea to spark global action to collectively commit to facing impending environmental challenges in order to create a sustainable future. In partner with USC’s Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies, which is based on Catalina Island, Mitchell said he wants to shed light on the biggest threats facing our oceans and promote the scientific progress being made towards finding sustainable solutions.

“The ocean has given us so much, and now it’s time to give back,” Mitchell said on his project website, Seven Crossings Project. “I want to make sure my daughters can see live, colorful coral, eat healthy seafood, and swim in a clean ocean.”

According to the website, the project will highlight climate change research, solutions, and educational outreach across Southern California, such as those at the USC Wrigley Institute. Mitchell is highlighting what he calls five science-backed solutions focused on the areas of food, energy, water, and waste, some of which are currently being studied at USC Wrigley Institute. Those projects include testing kelp as a potential biofuel and studies of causes and solutions to harmful algae blooms. More specifics about those projects and his other ideas can be found at

Mitchell said on his project page people can help by making a commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Get involved by demanding that more companies adopt sustainable solutions, and lobby your employers and local politicians to enact more sustainable measures,” Mitchell wrote.

The project also includes a worldwide release of an episodic documentary series sometime in 2020.

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  • October 29, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    What an incredible achievement and awesome project. Well done Jamie Mitchell and Seven Crossing Project!!



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