Dog Aboard

  • Finnegan the quartermaster

    Finnegan, aka Squid, lives aboard SV Luna Sea at Ventura Isle Marina. Here, he’s telling his owner “that’s not how you tie a bowline.”

  • Sam the Sailing Schnoodle

    Mark Weinberger submitted this photo of his dog Sam, a one-eyed Schnoodle, sailing on his West Wight Potter in Oceanside harbor. Weinberger said when Sam isn’t sailing he can be found being walked around the harbor where he loves to socialize with other harbor dogs or, on occasion, dine al fresco with crew members at many of the harbor eateries.

  • First and second mates

    Gigi and Jasmine are the first and second mates aboard a 50-foot Jefferson Rivanna, Legacy. Here they are taking a ride on a 12-foot Novurania Tender back to Legacy at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club marina.

  • Weekend Shades

    Duke the Goldendoodle sure looks cool in his sunglasses, just chilling on the weekend aboard his boat in Shoreline Marina.

  • Fearless Feline

    Well, no discrimination allowed. Ken D’Angelo submitted this photo of Tiller, an 8-year-old, 16-pound tourtie cat. He said she started boat life aboard his 45-foot Hunter sailboat Traveller in 2012 and now they own this Bayliner 4588, DagoRed. D’angelo said Tiller’s favorite pastime – besides eating and sleeping – is doing what her captain does: taking in the beautiful days of life on San Diego Bay.

  • Dog gone good weekend

    Maura M. Brutti sent in this photo of her Goldendoodle Duke at Shoreline Marina. She said Duke loves the weekends!

  • Mochi the foot warmer

    David Birken submitted this photo of Mochi, a 7-year old Havanese. He said the breed historically sailed the Caribbean Sea and kept the sailors’ feet warm. “Every night he heads to the foot of our bed to keep my first mates’ and my feet warm at night whether we are on our sailboat or at home,” Birken said in an email.

  • Roxy makes herself at home

    Roxy certainly knows how to make herself at home. Phil Raffee submitted this photo of Roxy snoozing in the salon on his Cape Dory.

  • Gus on Coronado Bay

    Gus, an 8-year-old Pomeranian, lives on this yacht and loves to go down to Coronado Bay. Here he is waiting to go underneath the Coronado Bridge.

  • The Monster kayaker

    Monster getting in some time on the water aboard a kayak in Santa Barbara Harbor!

  • Telling jokes

    Frodo and his owner, Paul, enjoy telling jokes and sharing laughs while cruising in Point Loma.


    It was blue skies and blue seas off the coast of Ventura the day this photo of Mike and his dog, Sophie, was taken on board LOVEY, a 23-foot Duffy Cudd.


    Milo loves to spend weekends in Catalina exploring the local fishing spots while waiting for a bite. He doesn’t mind if the fish are big or small, as long as they’re biting!


    This is Levi, Mike and Angie’s four-legged first mate. The Norfolk terrier enjoys both racing and cruising on Mike and Angie’s Hans Christian 38, Compass Rose, berthed in Ventura.


    Tinsley, a 17-pound miniature golden doodle puppy, is enjoying cruising along wearing her floatation vest. Jennifer Howard submitted this photo and said Tinsley loves boating and swimming!


    Jarvis loves wearing his first mate uniform and posing for pictures in Avalon, Mission Bay or San Diego. Jarvis is particularly fond of Oceanside, his hailing port (and beach). Here he is standing proudly on his Cal 39 in Avalon Harbor.


    “Really? It is chore day again? We want to go for a sail!” - Zoie, Sharkey, Coco and Fozzie. These four, pictured aboard Harmony, a Catalina 42 docked in Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, were ready for a sail - or at least a dinghy ride.


    This eight-year-old piebald dachshund, Bailey, loves keeping watch for harbor seals and dolphins while sailing to Catalina Island. Bailey sails aboard this 36-foot Catalina sailboat from King Harbor in Redondo Beach to Catalina Island frequently with her mom and dad.


    No, you aren’t seeing double. These Vizzla pooches, Oski and Bodie, are brothers. They had their red, white and blue on for a Newport Beach Harbor cruise on Memorial Day 2019. They kicked back aboard, Cohiba, a 25-foot Runabout.


    The number one rule aboard this Ericson 35: anyone going below deck must bring up a treat for the big dog who is always waiting in the cockpit. Chester’s sailing skills are versatile, like here where’s he checking the trim. Caren Sax wrote her 85-pound black lab rescue was the perfect excuse to get a bigger boat. Sax said SEA3 has given years of pleasure to many friends and family, as long as there’s room for Chester.


    Meet Bobby, the bow-riding German Sheppard mix. Rachel and Larry Moine rescued Bobby and he now enjoys the sights and smells aboard their Monterey boat. Here Bobby is keeping watch on a trip to Silverwood Lake


    Woody runs a tight ship and takes barking orders to a whole new level! His owner, Adam Johnson, said Woody loves sailing around Oceanside on his Islander 36, Rasa.


    You can probably relate to the happy face of this seafaring Golden Retriever. Pictured here is Conroy aboard Cliff Boro’s 55-foot Gulfstar 50 Ketch Prince of Tides. Conroy is named after the author of the novel Prince of Tides, Pat Conroy. This happy face was captured on May 19, during Boro’s birthday cruise.


    Maxine is a 15-year-old Yorkshire terrier, who has been a boat dweller for the past 10 years. Maxine is enjoying her live aboard lifestyle at Ventura West Marina. She lives on a 30-foot Islander Bahama, the Windrose, with her owner, Don Hendricks. He said she loves boating life and her favorite thing is watching the dolphins on the way to Santa Cruz Island.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Aboard

  • July 23, 2016 at 7:07 am

    In your November 11-24 2005 issue you published DOG ABOARD picture of my husband and our dog Woody one of our Kayaks. Woody lived to the ripe old age of 16. The water must be good for dogs:-) The other day, we initiated our new puppy Misi to kayaking. She took to it just like Woody. Check out my 23 July Facebook post, the pictures are so similar it is amazing.

  • May 29, 2018 at 6:36 am

    Great when you can bring your best friend on board with you and make it a positive boating experience for the whole family.


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