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Turtle Bay Fuel Pier Reopens, Cash Only for Now

The small but important fuel pier at Turtle Bay is reportedly back in operation.

Delivery skipper Capt. Nikolai Alexandrov said he was contacted April 22 by Maria Ignacia Gerrardo Castro, the woman who most recently operated the Turtle Bay fuel pier after the death of her brother Enrique.

She reportedly said that the fuel pier is back in operation, but that credit cards cannot yet be accepted. So, for now it’s a cash only operation. She said to call “Ernesto” on VHF 16 when entering the bay, or to contact her, Maria Ignacia Gerrardo Castro, on Facebook.

This is good news for hundreds of U.S. boaters needing to bash north up Baja before summer hurricane season begins further south.

For decades, Turtle Bay has had the only non-commercial fuel pier between Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. Its sudden closure several months ago disrupted normal boating plans in Mexico. However, smaller quantities of diesel and gasoline have been available by portable containers at Bahia Asuncion, about 50 n.m. south of Turtle Bay.

Stay tuned here for more details.

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