Harbor Blotter — April 27

Byline: The Log Staff

Mission Bay
March 12 • 2:30 p.m.
Lifeguards responded to a medical aid/boating incident call off Sunset Cliffs. Lifeguards assisted an ill kayaker who was three months pregnant.
March 12 • 3:40 p.m. San Diego Lifeguards responded to a report of a kayaker in distress off Dog Beach. Sea Tow personnel arrived on the scene and assisted the kayaker, who was having difficulty righting the vessel. Rescue 7 responded and transported the kayaker and kayak to Mariners Basin. No injuries were reported.
March 21 • 12:54 p.m. Lifeguards responded to a report of a kite surfer in distress on Mission Bay. The kite surfer hit the beach, and lifeguards retrieved his equipment.

Marina del Rey
March 8 • 9:36 p.m.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Marina del Rey Boat Crew responded to a vessel going onto the detached breakwater. All parties were recovered, and the vessel was later salvaged from the rocks.

Ventura Harbor
April 4 • 7:26 p.m.
Multiple units were dispatched to a water rescue off the Ventura Pier. Upon Ventura Harbor Patrol officers’ arrival, a firefighter had swum to a man who had reportedly jumped off the pier on a dare. The firefighter brought the unresponsive patient to the Harbor Patrol boat. He was provided with oxygen, and steps were taken to warm him as he was brought to the Harbor Patrol dock. The patient was later transported to a local hospital.
April 6 • 1:15 p.m. A woman walking on the beach reported seeing a snake where people were walking. Harbor Patrol officers responded and determined that it was a baby rattlesnake. Officers removed the snake and released it at the end of the Santa Clara River.
April 7 • 7:45 a.m. A Ventura Keys resident contacted Harbor Patrol officers to report that his boat was taking on water. Officers responded, pumped water from the vessel for about eight minutes and then towed it to a local boatyard for haulout.

Santa Barbara Harbor
April 10 • 9:25 a.m.
Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol officers received a call from a kayaker paddling near Refugio. He reported a large panga with four engines, on the beach. Officers notified the Coast Guard, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel. The vessel was later towed to Santa Barbara Harbor and was suspected to have transported marijuana from Mexico.
April 10 • 2:20 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers and Santa Barbara Police officers responded to a report of a disturbance on a boat in the harbor. Officers reported they found three intoxicated persons aboard. Two were reportedly passed out on the uncovered flybridge, in the rain. One subject was arrested on a “no bail” warrant.
April 14 • 7:40 a.m. Harbor Patrol officers responded to a 17-foot runabout boat that was taking on water after being launched. While readying a dewatering pump, officers found that the boat’s drain plug was missing. The boat was hauled out of the water before it could sink.

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