Harbor Blotter – Feb. 17

Byline: The Log Staff


San Diego Bay

Jan. 10 •
2:10 a.m. San Diego Harbor Police officers stopped a vessel in the commercial basin for not having navigational lights. The operator of the vessel was found to be on probation, and a search of the subject revealed methamphetamine, according to police reports. The subject was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Jan. 20 •
11 a.m. Harbor Police officers responded to a reported environmental pollution incident near Shelter Island. A subject reported a large rainbow sheen near a vessel. Officers determined the source vessel and filed a crime report for discharging oil upon navigable waters.


Dana Point Harbor

Feb. 6 • 4:13 p.m. Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol officers responded to a report of a boater waxing his boat and getting chemicals into the water at his slip. The subject was found to be wanted on outstanding warrants, according to reports, and was taken into custody.

Newport Harbor

Jan. 31 • 1:54 p.m. Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol officers received a report of a boat sitting low and possibly taking on water. Officers discovered the boat had 1 foot of water standing in it all the way to amidships. The bilge pump was reportedly broken. Officers contacted the boat’s owner.


Marina del Rey

Jan. 1210:31 p.m. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol deputies conducted a boat stop off Marina del Rey. The master of the vessel was cited for illegal possession of an undersized lobster.


Ventura Harbor

Feb. 5 • 5:05 a.m. The Ventura Police Department activated the On Call System to request a Ventura Harbor Patrol officer to assist in a water search for two residential burglary suspects who might be on a paddleboat. While officers did not locate the suspects, they did find the paddleboat and towed it back to its owner’s dock.

Feb. 59:29 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers received a phone call from a dry storage facility tenant who reported that a neighboring tenant had sprayed a cleaner in his face, and now his face and eyes were irritated. Officers advised him to contact the Ventura Police Department, because the incident he described constituted assault.

Channel Islands Harbor

Jan. 28 • 1:35 p.m. Channel Islands Harbor Patrol officers responded to a report of a vehicle in the water at the old launch ramp. The vehicle was removed by a local towing company. No injuries were reported.


Jan. 24 • 5 p.m. Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol officers responded to a reported fight in progress under Stearns Wharf. Officers reported they found an intoxicated woman who had reportedly been assaulted, and two men fighting each other using sticks and bottles as weapons. Officers split up the parties, and Santa Barbara Police Department personnel responded with paramedics. Arrests were made, and injured parties were transported to a local hospital.

Jan. 27 • 11 a.m. Harbor Patrol officers responded to a report of an unmanned vessel dragging its anchor, at the anchorage. Finding the 45-foot sailboat in the surf line, officers boarded the boat, buoyed off the anchor gear and towed the vessel safely to a slip. The vessel’s owner was notified.

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