Harbor Blotter

Harbor Blotter, May 23 Ed.


San Diego Harbor

May 9 • Harbor Police responded to a call of a 29 foot sailboat stuck on the Zuniga Jetty. The vessel was towed back into the main channel.
May 6 • Harbor Police unites investigated a vessel accident near the Zuniga Jetty.
May 6 • Harbor Police took a 46-year-old female into custody for a mental health evaluation. She was swimming in the bay off Harbor Drive and stated that she was hearing voices.
May 3 • The Harbor Police responded to a report of a vessel that had run aground near the Point Loma Lighthouse. There were eight people onboard, including four children. The vessel only had four lifejackets onboard. Harbor Police divers and lifeguards from the City of Coronado and North Island Naval Air Station arrived to assist. The Harbor Police divers provided lifejackets and evacuated everyone from the disabled vessel. Harbor Police then transported the four adults and four children to Harbor Police vessels.
May 2 • The Harbor Police assisted a 62-year old male who had injured himself on his vessel in the A-1 Anchorage. The Harbor Police applied a pressure bandage and assisted with transporting him to waiting paramedics.
April 30 • Harbor Police investigated a fuel spill in the Coronado Cays area.
April 28 • Harbor Police officers investigated a report of vandalism to a vessel at 979 Scott Street.


Dana Point Harbor

May 13 • 1:30 p.m. Harbor Patrol assisted a 16 foot inflatable that had trouble at the entrance. May 11 • 5:49 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded to two SUPs having trouble with the wind.
May 8 • 10:13 a.m. Harbor Patrol responded to a call of a sea lion entangled in a line. Sea lion swam away when officers attempted to help.

Newport Harbor

May 13 • 8:06 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded to a Duffy taking on water at the Dunes.
May 12 • 3:57 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded to a boat on N-73 hitting a Boston Whaler at N-74.
May 11 • 8:50 a.m. Responded to reports of fishermen with too many poles in the water at Bay Island.


Marina del Rey

May 10 • 4:10 p.m. Deputies from Marina del Rey Marine Patrol responded to D basin regarding a disabled sail boat. The boater said her outboard motor failed and she was unable to dock her boat under sail only. The deputies towed the vessel to its slip and assisted in docking.
May 10 • 2:10 p.m. Deputies from Marina del Rey Marine Patrol responded to G basin regarding a disabled vessel that was adrift.  When they arrived on scene the deputies found that the boat had been blown into docked boats. The operator said her engine failed and she was blown down before she could raise her sails. The deputies towed the boat free and into the channel. There was no damage to any of the boats involved. The boater was able to raise the sails and sailed away.
May 6 • 3:30 p.m. Deputies from Marina del Rey Marine Patrol saw a boat tied to the abandoned fuel dock in the main channel. The dock is off limits and docking is prohibited.  The deputies contacted the boater to check on him. The boater said that he was unable to get back to his slip due to the high winds. The deputies towed the boat to its slip in D basin.
May 4 • 1:20 p.m. Deputies from Marina del Rey Marine Patrol responded to an area just outside of the south entrance regarding a capsized vessel. The boat was a rental with two people on board. They were capsized by a wave that hit them broadside. The deputies, along with L.A. County Lifeguards pulled the people from the water. Deputies towed the boat back to the rental dock. No boaters were injured.
May 1 • 7:20 p.m. Deputies from Marina del Rey Marine Patrol were in the entrance channel and saw two people in the water. They were next to their small sailboat that was dismasted.  The deputies pulled the people out of the water and towed the sailboat to a haul out dock. The boaters were not injured.


Ventura Harbor

May 10 • 9:51 p.m. FCC dispatched Patrol and others to a pier jumper off the Ventura Pier. Harbor Patrol responded, but were cancelled prior to arrival when the person made it safely to the beach.
May 10 • 9:47 a.m. FCC dispatched Patrol and others to a person not breathing on a vessel at VWM. Patrol responded. The person was declared DOA.
May 4 • 1 p.m. A boater walked into the office to report a hit-and-run collision that occurred to his boat earlier in the week. Patrol responded, interviewed witnesses and filed a report on damage that had occurred to the outriggers of a moored kayak last week when a man in a sailboat was having difficulties maneuvering. The witnesses helped the man and believe that no one was aware damage had occurred.

Channel Islands Harbor
May 9 • 7:40 p.m.
The Harbor Patrol responded to a boat fire on board a 38 ft vessel at a local marina. The fire was extinguished by Rescue Personnel. The vessel was then towed by a commercial company to the boat yard where it was pulled out of the water.
May 3 •4:40 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded a 25 foot vessel disabled by light #2. The vessel was towed to a local marina.
May 1 • 5 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded a 25 foot sailing vessel drifting toward the rip rap near the fuel dock. They were having difficulty starting the engine so the Harbor Patrol towed them clear of the rip rap. They were able to start the engine and proceed

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