Harbor Blotter

Harbor Blotter — May 25

Byline: The Log Staff

Dana Point Harbor
May 13 • 2:39 p.m.
Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol officers responded to a report of a collision between a sailboat and a 26-foot powerboat.
May 13 • 8:22 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers stopped and warned a boater of a navigation lighting violation.

Newport Harbor
May 13 • 7:48 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers assisted in towing a disabled rental boat.
May 13 • 8:59 p.m.
Orange County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol officers received a report of a small oil spill near the Sea Scout Base.
May 14 • 9:34 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers received a report of a boat with a smoking engine, near the ferry crossing. Officers towed the vessel to the owner’s marina slip.

Long Beach Harbor
May 11 • 3 p.m.
Long Beach Police Boat 1 was flagged down by the operator of an 11-foot inflatable boat that had run out of fuel. The inflatable, with two people on board, was taken in tow and returned to the fuel dock.
May 15 • 2 p.m. Long Beach Police Boat 1 responded to a 28-foot powerboat taking on water near the entrance to the southern vessel traffic lanes. The vessel operator was in contact with the Coast Guard on VHF radio and was advised to turn off his bait pump, which solved the problem. When officers arrived on the scene, they confirmed that the vessel was no longer taking on water. The vessel continued its voyage back to Huntington Harbor.

Ventura Harbor
May 2 • 11:30 p.m.
Ventura County Harbor Patrol officers spotted an unoccupied vehicle with its engine running at the entrance gate to Harbor Cove. In the process of locating the vehicle’s owner, officers came upon a woman on the beach, howling at the moon. Harbor Patrol officers notified police and fire department personnel when the woman began to enter the water. An agency search was initiated, and the woman was located. Police took her into custody for observation by mental health professionals.
May 4 • 2:25 p.m. The operator of a California Department of Fish and Game vessel requested assistance with an electrical fire on board. Harbor Patrol officers extinguished the flames with a fire extinguisher, and fire department personnel investigated the incident.
May 5 • 1:59 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers observed a disabled personal watercraft in Pierpont Basin. They responded, picked up two other operators near Marina Park and transported all of them to the Launch Ramp.
May 7 • 6:48 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers received a request for assistance from the operator of a boat that was adrift by Ventura Yacht Club. Patrol took the vessel into tow to the launch ramp.

Santa Barbara Harbor
May 4 • 6:10 p.m.
Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol officers responded on Patrol Boat #1 to a fall victim on a boat moored at the Sea Landing. The patient said he fell down the stairs and sustained a compound fracture. The patient’s ankle was immobilized and he was transported to a local hospital.
May 14 • 4:40 p.m. Harbor Patrol officers responded on Patrol Boat #3 to a report of a windsurfer in distress, approximately 200 yards southwest of the harbor entrance. Officers found a woman tangled in rigging line, who had lost her board. Officers located and picked up her board nearly 100 yards away from her, brought her on board and transported her to the patrol dock.

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