Kiss Your Katch

  • 32 lb. Halibut off Oceanside last week on Top Shelf

    I caught this 32 lb / 45 inch Halibut off Oceanside last week from my boat “Top Shelf”.

  • Dino and Jeff caught this beauty at Miramar lake

    Dino and Jeff caught this beauty at Miramar lake

  • Kiss a Chilipepper?

    I took my daughter, Sophia, bottom fishing at the North 9 on 3/17. Limits of small & medium size reds

  • “Jayden loves fish” is locked Jayden loves fish

    Jayden Black kissing her catch wile brother JJ helps. Note chocolate face really is the secret!

  • Pink love

    Lory Woods aka “L-Bass” shows some special love and “Kisses her Katch” that she caught with her lucky pink pole.


    Sorry – I thought it was called “Lick Your Katch” lol

  • I caught it but I’m not kissing it!!!!!

    1st fish. Look at those eyes!!!! She yelled dirty words for help as her pole was almost bent in half.

  • baby shark

    I was expecting a small bass or something not a shark.

  • Kiss me just 4 the halibut

    2565 Datecircle

  • Calico kiss

    Caught this big Calico at the LJ in Channel Island Epic day of fishing.

  • A Kiss for Good Luck

    My first time deep sea fishing on my father in laws boat off the coast of Huntington Beach and I

  • Auntie M Loves that Tuna!

    My sister Marcella Waggoner on the Cortez 08-23-2019

  • Les Poissons

    Les Poissons

  • Here, fishy fishy!!!

    Amanda and her dad, Paul, celebrating Father’s Day together!!

  • Kiss Your Katch: No Conflict Here

    James Kitchens kisses a yellowfin tuna caught on a fly-lined live sardine. This isn’t Kitchens’ first go around with a yellowtail as he was also featured on the cover of The Log in the Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2016 issue, smooching a yellowtail caught in Mexican waters near the Coronado Islands.

  • Wahoo Kiss

    Mari Frank a Laguna Niguel attorney-mediator is more like a dolphin than a shark. She is connecting with Cleopatra in San Jose Del Cabo and sharing a gentle yet powerful kisses.

  • Cheryl De Jager kissed the 64-pound wahoo caught on her boat,Unreel.

  • Kiss Your Katch - Bonita Bonito

    “I caught it 2 miles out from The Point in San Diego,” she wrote.

  • A Peaceful Gesture

    Rob Weinerth submitted this photo of the yellowtail reeled in while fishing off Malibu on Neptune’s Net

  • Crab Kiss

    Jesse Holliday lays one on the fish he caught off Santa Cruz Island aboard Cobra Sportfishing out of Channel Islands Sportfishing.

  • A Kiss Goodbye

    Ernie Susi plants a kiss on this yellowfin tuna caught on Endeavor while fishing on the annual San Diego Peace Officer’s Charter.

  • Kiss Your Katch - So Many Teeth

    Mike Wade kisses a Dungeness Crab he caught out of Bodega Bay, Calif.

  • Barrels of Fish

    “The first month of the season always produces good quality crab at Bodega Bay,” Wade wrote. “Some early traps produce as many as 20 legal crabs. It’s really exciting to pull up a trap that is filled crab.”

  • Calico-Bonanza

    Randy Loder submitted this photo of himself sharing a romantic moment with his dinner – a 48.2-pound yellowtail caught off the 209 Spot.


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