Kiss Your Katch

  • This Bud is for ME

    Kerry Warren submitted this photo of himself kissing a 58-pound wahoo caught on Lady Georgian out of San Diego.

  • Yellowtail

    Kaci Yachechak of Whitefish, Montana got her first “taste” of saltwater fishing aboard Fury out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing. In addition to this pretty skipjack Kaci and her friends went on to catch a number of large ahi tuna on their Sept. 3 charter, Betsy Crowfoot told The Log.

  • kissing some yellow

    Alan Gosselin with one of the two dozen calicos he caught and released on Father’s Day on his boat, ENI, along the Ventura coast.

  • Smooches

    Fishing off of Catalina . . caught a bud can.

  • Fred Hall Success

    Caught this bad boy out of Long Beach on a double dropper loop with an 8 ounce weight fishing the bottom!

  • kissing spotty

    Tim browne kissing his catch..caught out of San Pedro December 27th

  • Double Hook-Up

    Smooches – Darren Miller kisses the 23 pound yellowtail he caught on a slow trolled mackerel at the Coronado Islands.

  • clemente calico

    Sophie and Max both successfully landed their trout at the opening day of the Fred Hall show in Del Mar. The fish were consumed about 1/2 hour after the photo was taken.

  • my first barracuda

    10 year old Jarett Jones puckering up to a nice little spotty caught from San Diego Bay

  • Shauna's First Catch.  Beginners Luck!

    A male and a female mahi-mahi were caught at the same time while trolling from a sailboat between St. Lucia and St. Vincent in the Caribbean.

  • My 47 lb Halibut

    this is my first barracuda!

  • Dad I caught a shark!

    Smooching my calico

  • My First Sea Bass

    Shauna Maine catches her first fish (Just purchased her first fishing license the night before). A five pound Catalina White Fish at the Isthmus on June 19th. Beginners Luck!

  • Tuna love

    Jana started the weekend fishing trip with this cuddly little catch on De Anza Cove (Mission Bay) San Diego, CA July 2012.


    I caught my first fish, a small kelp sea bass, while on our mooring in front of Balboa Yacht Club's landing in White's Cove at Catalina Island on August 12, 2012. I was fishing with my children off the back of our boat, a Mainship Pilot 30 "Primo", using fresh squid as bait. True to his name, when I reeled in the line, there was a huge pile of kelp on the end with Mr. Fishy hidden in the middle. My children were in complete disbelief to see me kiss him on the lips!

  • 1st Dorado

    Kissing my 47 lb Halibut. Petersburg, Alaska.

  • I think I'm in love!

    Thank you so much for considering my photo!

  • Surf Catch

    Karen Pierce

  • Ling Love

    Bob Fillipelli gets fresh with a BFT caught at the tuna pens on Sunday 8-26. We had limits of BFT, YFT , Dorado and YT fishing on the private yacht, Saltfever.

  • Rockin It

    Dominic's first Dorado. It was big enough for 2nd place for CYC in the South Bay Annual Tournement.

  • Morning Grind


  • Dorado Kiss

    Little fish, big kiss!

  • Ice fishing

    25 pound 38 inch Halibut. Caught on a Lugg Worm in the surf at Surfside Ca.

  • This Butts for You

    Catalina Rock fishin.

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