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365-Day Fishing Licenses Go on Sale for 2023

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will start selling 365-day fishing licenses for 2023 on Nov. 15.

The licenses will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023; upon purchase, the license will be effective for 365 continuous days.

“I’m proud to announce that we’re able to sell yearlong licenses many months sooner than we anticipated,” said CDFW Director Charlton H. Bonham in an Oct. 6 press release. “I applaud the staff that worked tirelessly to bring this benefit to California’s anglers who have been asking for the 365-day license for a very long time.”

On Feb. 16, 2021, California Assemblymember Jim Wood re-introduced bill AB817 to transition California from the traditional calendar-based system to the 365-day system. The bill also includes a mobile application that will offer an option for anglers to display their sportfishing license, validation, report card, and other sport fishing entitlements on an electronic mobile device.

“Thanks to the dedicated staff efforts at CDFW, California will be moving to our new 365-day fishing license even sooner than expected,” said Wood in the press release. “This license will encourage more Californians to fish and increase fishing license revenue which funds critical state fishing and conservation programs. Making fishing more accessible really supports communities that rely on outdoor recreation and tourism, like my northern California district.”

To purchase a fishing license, visit CDFW’s online internet sales webpage. At checkout, there is an additional option to enroll in auto-renewal for fishing licenses, which allows anglers to automatically purchase and receive their new license when their current one expires.

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One thought on “365-Day Fishing Licenses Go on Sale for 2023

  • Jim Davis

    This should be done long, long time ago. In may aspects US Government operations well behind even second world countries we generally look down to as not being “great” like us.



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