6 Questions with Jonsen Carmack

6 Questions with Jonsen Carmack

NEWPORT BEACH – Jonsen Carmack, a Newport Beach resident and boat owner, has recently launched his weather app: SeaStatus. The app is geared toward experienced and novice watergoers in need of weather information in a timely manner.

The Log: Tell us a little about yourself.
Jonsen Carmack: I grew up in Newport Beach and basically on Newport Harbor. My first memories of boating came at an early age when my dad would take me out on our 17 foot Boston Whaler to go fishing. Before high school my summers were spent almost entirely on the water doing the Newport Junior Guards Program and in the Newport Harbor Yacht Club non-calm sabot sailing program. I graduated from UCSB with a degree in Sociology.

How did the idea for your marine weather app come about? 
We are lucky that we have so many options here in Newport and the West Coast.  We can surf or fish in the morning and sail or SUP in the afternoon. The toughest part for us is deciding what activity the conditions will best suit. I needed a simple tool in our pocket that would help us decide which great option to pursue. I guess it was just one of those needs that I got tired of waiting around for someone else to fix.

What sets SeaStatus apart from other weather apps currently on the market?
Until now there are two types of marine weather apps; ones that are expensive, outdated and unable to adapt to new technologies and others that just grab free data from NOAA and make a minimal effort. Neither care at all about design or user experience. By aggregating the most relevant marine weather conditions on a few simple screens, SeaStatus gives you a wealth of information wherever you are. It can be used by everyone from the hardcore yachtsmen, to the first time paddleboarder. Most importantly, SeaStatus offers its information in an efficient manner that allows you to spend less time fumbling between apps and more time on the water.

When was it launched?
For now SeaStatus is an iOS app and is only available on iPhones, but there are plans for expanding the offering.

Any feedback from boaters just yet?
I’ve gotten a bunch of awesome feedback from boaters. With the end goal being creating a tool that people will find value in, feedback is an important part of continually making that tool better. Harbor 20 sailors have told me they use it for updated tide information between races. I even got an email from a fisherman on the southern coast of Mississippi who is using SeaStatus. Just one story about how someone went out and had an awesome day on the water makes it all worth it.

Why is this app a must-have for boaters? 
It gives them a tool to easily and accurately check the conditions on the water, so they can go do what they love. While it isn’t meant to replace all of the great tools they have once they get aboard their boat, it will give them instant, accurate conditions so they can decide when to get on their boat.


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