A winery built out of boats

ENSENADA, Baja California — The Log’s previous issue delved into the dining options available for boaters who navigate south of the border into Ensenada. Those who frequent the city often also know Ensenada’s Guadalupe Valley to be a destination for wine aficionados. Did you know one of the wineries in the Guadalupe Valley is built, in part, from recycled boats?

Vena Cava, which was founded in 2005 by Phil and Eileen Gregory, features boats re-purposed as vaulted ceilings. The winery has been featured by several lifestyle and news publications, including Esquire and NPR. It was also referenced in an April 2017 New York Times article.

“This six-room desert inn [La Villa del Valle] has an outdoor pool and yoga studio, excellent Mexican breakfasts, a winery made from recycled boats, and an acclaimed restaurant,” the Times article stated.

Architects Alejandro D’Acosta and Claudia Turrent, who are based in Ensenada, built Vena Cava. They specifically used discarded boats – found at a local port – to create vaulted ceilings. Discarded lenses from an eye factory were also used.

“The [winery] that was designed by the Architect Alejandro D’Acosta, stands out for its original design, taking up the use of boats and other materials that today have a new life and purpose,” the winery’s website briefly stated.

Guadalupe Valley is often referred to as the Napa of Mexico. Boaters can make their way to one of Ensenada’s marinas and then organize ground transportation into Guadalupe Valley.

Photo: Yoshi Koitani

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