Aquaplaning on Catalina Island

CATALINA ISLAND—Before water skis and wave boards existed there were aquaplanes, seen in this photo. Created in the 1920s, the wide riding boards were pulled by a speedboat similar to water skiing or wave boarding. The Catalina Island Museum shared this photo on Twitter, saying once aquaplaning was introduced to visitors on the island in the 1920s, it became a Catalina Island favorite. In 1935 a 44-mile aquaplane race held between Catalina Island and Hermosa Beach, endorsed by the American Power Boat Association, sprung up, attracting competitors from around the world.

Catalina Museum Twitter photo

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One thought on “Aquaplaning on Catalina Island

  • Grace Rodecker Davis

    MY step father Frank Rodecker won this 2 years in a row..I have 2 trophies and picture of it..I’m 75 trying to figure out what to do with them



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