Aussie Wins Catalina Water Ski Race

Byline: The Log Staff

Aussie Wins Catalina Water Ski Race

LONG BEACH — Australian waterskier Peter Proctor finished the 64th Catalina Ski Race with the overall best time, waterskiing from Long Beach to Catalina and back behind a powerboat in just under 51 minutes.

The race pitted nearly 70 boats with waterskiers in tow against each other in a 62-mile race from Long Beach to Avalon Harbor and back. Proctor, who led the race for its entirety, narrowly edged out perennial champion Todd Haig of the United States.

On the women’s side, American Erin Saunders completed the trek in one hour, three minutes behind a 42-foot Nordic with Wayne Murray at the helm.

Crowds started gathering for the event around 7 a.m. for the 9 a.m. start time July 21, to watch skiers ages 12 to 70 begin and end the grueling race.

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64th Catalina Ski Race Results:


Men’s Open:

1st: Peter Proctor (skier), Mike Avila (driver) 43-foot Fountain Mr. Warpath; Time: 50.56.11

2nd: Todd Haig (skier), Randy Davis (driver) 43-foot Nordic Nordic Racing; Time: 51.08.84

3rd: Wayne Mawer (skier), Tim Herbst (driver) 40-foot Hallett Terrible Herbst; Time: 52.05.29


Women’s Open

1st: Erin Saunders (skier), Wayne Murray (driver) 42-foot Nordic Nordic Racing; Time:


Junior Girls:

1st: Crystal Gordon (skier), Mike McGookin (driver) 21-foot Howard; Time:


Junior Boys

1st: Jack Harrison (skier), Rich Hughes (driver) 35-foot Fountain Razzle Dazzle; Time:

2nd: Brayden Jameson (skier) Kevin Shulte (driver) 42-foot Cigarette Hardline; Time:

3rd: Sean Stevens (skier) Pete Boyer (driver) 34-foot Shockwave Bad Voodoo; Time:


Intermediate Women

1st: Kelsey Feros (skier) John Stewart (driver) 38-foot Fountain Ragged Edge; Time:


Intermediate Men

1st: Jake Tegart (skier) Bill Steiner (driver) 38-foot Cigarette Junkyard Bill; Time: 59.16.26

2nd: Jack Houston (skier) Jack Lynch (driver) 42-foot Fountain Big Red; Time:

3rd: Cameron King (skier) Greg Foster (driver) 42-foot Fountain; Time:


Senior Women

1st: Janine Seaton (skier) Chuck Hoster (driver) 34-foot Magic Patriate; Time:


Senior Men

1st: Dana Thorsen (skier) Jason Fogle (driver) 38-foot Fountain; Time:

2nd: Luke Watts (skier) Paul Sharman (driver) 36-foot Apache; Time:


Veteran Men

1st: Darren Reilly (skier) Matthew Brayton (driver) 35-foot Fountain; Time:

2nd: Jason Tingley (skier) Jerry Frame (driver) 40-foot Hallett Lolligagger; Time:

3rd: Jason Walsh (skier) Nick Davison (driver) 21-foot Scarab Gretchens Automotive #2; Time:


Expert Men

1st: Marty Wells (skier) Mike Maginn (driver) 38-foot Donzi Hot Ice; Time: 57.22.13

2nd: John Beresford (skier) Lucian Lyall (driver) 38-foot Formula Turbosonic; Time:

3rd: Ken Bowen (skier) David Tierney (driver) 40-foot Formula Walk the Line; Time:



1st: Cal Meissen (skier) Bruce Monroe (driver) 38-foot Formula Current “C” Overload; Time:

2nd: C.J. Baker (skier) Mike Grumsly (driver) Power Play; Time:

3rd: Paul Thompson (skier) Dave Llewellyn (driver) 21-foot Schiada Schiada Racing; Time:


Formula 1

1st: Greg Anderson (skier) Glen Anderson (driver) Flashback; Time:

2nd: Kurt Brooks (skier) Doug Eckhoff (driver) 21-foot Nordic Nordic Racing; Time:

3rd: John Kompaniez (skier) Jon Cole (driver) 21-foot Nordic Judgment Day; Time:


Formula II

1st: Luke Keys (skier) Brent Wisemantle (driver) 21-foot Force Special Force; Time:

2nd: Andy Anderson (skier) Mark Durham (driver) 21-foot Force Untamed Force; Time:

3rd: Dusty Campbell (skier) Jody Campbell (driver) 19.6-foot Phantom NADS; Time:


Stock Day Cruiser

1st: Nick Schorr (skier) Steve Davis (driver) 26-foot Scarab; Time:

2nd: Tom Davison (skier) Todd Kelm (driver) 27-foot Warlock Gretchens Automotive; Time:

3rd: Greg DeLeon (skier) John DeLeon (driver) 27-foot Rayson Craft; Time:


Open Jet

1st: Sam Murphy (skier) Pat Murphy (driver) 21-foot Rayson Craft; Time:

2nd: Billy Mason (skier) Sean Mason (driver) 27-foot Scarab Team Imcor; Time:



1st: Matt Saale (skier) Herb LeCornu (driver) 35-foot Fountain Blew-By-You; Time:

2nd: Benjamin Taylor (skier) Stephen Paliska (driver) 29-foot Warlock; Time:

3rd: Eric Campbell (skier) Ryan Brown (driver) 35-foot Fountain Supercharged; Time:



1st: Jeff Thralls (skier) Brad Liberator (skier) Rick White (driver) 21-foot Connelly; Time:

2nd: Jay Gotfredson (skier) Don Taylor (skier) Bob Leech (driver) 43-foot Eliminator; Time:


Mixed Doubles

1st: Lori Dunsmore (skier) River Frantz (skier) Darrell Nottke (driver) 38-foot Hustler Trinity; Time:

2nd: Cheryl Ruston (skier) Bob Grande (skier) Tom Grande (driver) 36-foot Apache; Time:


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