Avalon authorizes purchases of Harbor Patrol boat engines

Avalon’s City Council, at its Oct. 3 meeting, unanimously approved the purchase of two replacement engines for Harbor Patrol boats.

The current engines, according to city staff, have suffered from excessive use. Patrol Boat No. 4, for example, has been used for about 6,400 operating hours, while Patrol Boat No. 6 recently experienced “failures due to excessive use.”

Avalon already replaced engines for Patrol Boat Nos. 1 and 5 within the past two years, according to a city staff report; the replacements cost nearly $46,000.

Council members approved city staff’s request to hire Avalon Boat Stand to replace the boat engines, as the company has a certified mechanic living on the island, offers a two-year warranty and can deliver on short notice.

Avalon Boat Stand, interestingly enough, did not offer the lowest bid; Sunset Inflatables’ quote was nearly $300 less than what Avalon Boat Stand bid.

“The difference between the Avalon Boat Stand quote ($16,253.98) and the Sunset Inflatables quote ($15,981.48) is due to the difference in sales tax charged for their selling location,” city staff stated in a report to council members.

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