Avalon City Council Approves Contract for Continued Shoreboat Service

AVALON—Catalina Coastal Tours & Fishing will continue to offer shoreboat service in Avalon Harbor for another five years when the company’s current contract with the city ends in March 2022. At its June 1 meeting, the Avalon City Council voted to continue the contract with the fishing charter and tour company for the shoreboat service and to allow the city to negotiate proposed terms of the contract.

Catalina Coastal Tours & Fishing has a five-year agreement with the city to provide shoreboat service that started in March 2017 and will expire in March 2022.

According to a staff report from the June meeting, Catalina Coastal Tours & Fishing in a recent meeting with city staff indicated they were interested in continuing the service and provided a proposal to amend the contract and extend a city-provided subsidy into the next five-year term.

They proposed the city continue to subsidize operations by 4.4 percent for the five-year period. They also proposed to increase fares within the harbor from $4 to $5; increase fares outside of the harbor from $5 to $7, and add a provision regarding ADA accommodations.

According to a staff report, the increase in subsidy and fare costs will offset increased expenses associated with the increased cost of living, fuel, mooring fees, insurance, and ongoing litigation.


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