Bidding Farewell: Thank You, Log Readers!

All good things come to an end. Here’s to the end of one chapter – and the beginning of another.

What a year 2020 has been, eh? We’re in the final few weeks of the year, and we’re all rooting for this pandemic to be over so we can return to some sort of normal life. The Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been easy on us at The Log, as we’ve had to make several adjustments as each week brought on a new set of challenges.

Yet another adjustment is in store, as this is my final issue as editor of The Log. Thank you, readers, for allowing me to come aboard your boat every other week. It’s been an honor curating issues for you twice a month, 26 times a year.

I’ve been with The Log for nearly 75 months – that’s 6 years and 3 months. In that time, I’ve been a part of almost 160 issues – most of them as editor. The Log looks much different today than it did when I agreed to come aboard the publication in August 2014. The front page’s format has been re-designed twice. We’ve added numerous sections, such as Standing Watch, Fast Facts, Blips on the Radar and Historical Photo. Other sections, such as Dock Lines and Nautical Banter, have come and went. Our maritime attorney column came, went, and came back.

We’ve published breaking news, infographics, investigative reports, policy updates, human interest stories and everything else in between. I’d like to believe The Log became the go-to publication for all things nautical in Southern and Baja California. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading every issue of The Log during my time here, both as a reporter (August 2014- September 2016) and editor (October 2016 to November 2020).

I’ve grown so much – professionally and personally – during my six-plus years here at The Log. I arrived here in the summer of 2014 knowing the basics about maritime. By no stretch of the imagination could I have been considered an expert or a go-to source for boating or fishing issues. Alas, the learning curve was steep, and I was up for the challenge.

I can now say, with 100 percent confidence, The Log has prepared me for my new adventures. This publication’s stories taught me how to report in a way I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else – I had to overcome my initial lack of knowledge to prove to you, our loyal readers, I was a worthy and respectable source of information. Please know I took my responsibility to you seriously, every single day. I would not have grown the way I did without you, so a heartfelt and sincere thank you, to every single one of you.

So, what’s next, you’re probably wondering? For me, I am moving to Austin, Texas, where I will be joining the Austin Business Journal. I’ll be covering commercial real estate, which is the publication’s largest and most consequential beat.

You’re probably also wondering what’s next for The Log. My successor has not yet been announced, so I am unsure as to who will be guiding The Log into the future. I have no doubt, however, the next person in the editor’s chair will grab the bull by the horns and elevate The Log to new heights.

It’s been a great ride. I couldn’t have imagined by tenure here at The Log would turn out to be as fulfilling as it turned out. I thoroughly enjoyed writing every single story I published in the paper. The people who I worked with were of high character, each one a worthy teammate. The 10 awards I won at the San Diego Press Club on behalf of The Log is not a testament of my talents, but instead an acknowledgement of our amazing readers and special employees. It was truly a team effort to make The Log the best publication in Southern California.

The Log is on the verge of celebrating its 50th birthday in 2021, and I am saddened I won’t be around to celebrate. But the publication is in great hands and will continue to be a go-to source for Southern California’s boaters and anglers.

Thank you, again, for making these past six years so memorable. I’ll never forget my time here. I hope we cross paths again in the future.

Until then, this is Parimal, “Logging” off.

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3 thoughts on “Bidding Farewell: Thank You, Log Readers!

  • Dean West

    Parimal, you will be deeply missed! You have brought a level of excellence to waterfront reporting that those of us in the industry have rarely seen. We could always count on you to be where the story was, and to give a true reporter’s eye and skepticism to whatever the topic. No one ever accused you of “fake news”!
    Your absence will leave a void, which I hope your former employer will quickly attempt to fill. Though it is unlikely that any replacement will meet your standard of excellence, we are going to demand an effort – because you have created that expectation with your reporting.
    Fair skies and smooth seas to you, and best of luck with the new gig!

  • Parimal, Thank you for your years of journalism, editing and reporting at the Log. I ‘ve enjoyed your stories and news coverage of California’s boating and fishing community. You brought journalistic excellence to this publication, and you will be greatly missed. Best wishes in your new adventure in Austin. I hear it is a great town and community. Farewell.

  • Newport Boaters

    Parimal, Thank you for keeping an eye on local maritime governmental matters and for doing your best to keep them honest! We hope you enjoy Austin, it is a fantastic city!



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