Boat Loans from Joni Geis at Sterling Associates

If you’re looking for a boat loan, look no further, Joni Geis is the person to see. For over 24 years, including the past 18 at Sterling Associates, Joni has been securing financing for boaters and dealers throughout the United States.


“I want everybody to be successful, so being able to manage the process effectively is really key,” said Geis. “There are a lot of moving pieces to what we do, and I want to make sure everybody understands the process and feels like they have been taken care of.”


When putting together a loan, Joni believes that communication with the customer and understanding the needs of the boat dealer and broker are critical elements to a successful outcome. 


“I am the best at what I do because not only am I a boater, but I have a company behind me that stands above all the rest,” said Geis. 


Sterling Associates is bank-owned, which makes us unique in that we can do loans up to 22 million. This sets us apart from all others.


Buying a boat should be easy and fun. Sterling Associates keeps it simple, so the only thing you need to focus on is getting the right boat for you and your family. 


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