Boaters urged to not visit Two Harbors

Catalina Island enclave’s resources are “extremely limited” during COVID-19 crisis.

TWO HARBORS—The Catalina Island Company has asked the local and regional boating community to not visit Two Harbors or the island’s West End during the COVID-19 crisis. Visitation to Two Harbors and the island is discouraged.

“The healthcare facilities on Catalina lack the capacity to handle a widespread outbreak of COVID-19,” Catalina Island Company staff said in a statement emailed to The Log. “This is even more challenging for the small, remote community of Two Harbors.”

Catalina Island Company staff added anyone visiting the island in general could be jeopardizing lives.

“Health and government officials are recommending social distancing, and while Catalina might seem like the perfect place for that, the reality is that visiting us right now risks lives,” Catalina Island Company staff said in a released statement. “Services across all of Catalina are extremely limited. Specifically, in the Two Harbors area, Banning House Lodge and Villas, Harbor Reef restaurant, all campgrounds and other public spaces are temporarily closed due to state and county-mandated orders.”

Boat service to and from Two Harbors aboard Catalina Express will be temporarily halted after Sunday, March 22.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a State at Home order on March 19. Catalina Island Company staff said they are following the order by notifying existing mooring lessees and yacht clubs not to visit the island or utilize moorings. The company is also discouraging people who are already moored in the Two Harbors area from coming ashore. All boaters who are seeking transient moorings are recommended to return to the mainland.

“Due to the State at Home Order, there are limited dive services available to assist boaters in emergency situations,” Catalina Island Company staff continued. “This is a difficult message to send, but we are asking that you respect our community and our request to stay home for now. We’ll all be able to enjoy the island again soon rather than later if we all pull together and do the right things during this health crisis.”

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World Health Organization

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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