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California Agencies Host Free Workshops for Marinas and Yacht Clubs on Oil Spill Response

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response, along with partners from the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission, are extending invitations to all marinas and yacht clubs for the upcoming slate of 2024 workshops. These educational sessions aim to equip attendees with essential knowledge on oil spill response and prevention.



Participants will have the opportunity to learn about California’s Oil Spill Response Structure, the Marinas and Yacht Clubs Spill Response Communication Packet, spill case studies and best practices. Additionally, resources for oil spill response specific to boating facilities will be highlighted.


The workshops will take place on April 12, from 9:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Attendees can choose to participate either in-person at the Coronado Yacht Club, 631 Strand Way, Coronado, with free parking available. Interested individuals must register via email at Vivian.Matuk@coastal.ca.gov, providing their email and facility name.

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