California Coastal Commission postpones hearings concerning Redondo Beach’s Waterfront project

Agency pushes back agenda items related to Redondo Beach’s boat launch facilities until further notice.

REDONDO BEACH — No one ever would have suspected a project entitled “The Waterfront” would lead to drama in equal amounts to the iconic movie “On the Waterfront” starring Marlon Brando, but here we are. In the next chapter of the prevailing saga of Redondo Beach’s Waterfront project lawsuit, it appears that the California Coastal Commission has decided to delay posting the items concerning King Harbor’s revitalization project to the next meeting in August.

CenterCal CEO Fred Bruning, in an article by The Beach Reporter earlier in the month, blamed the city for the delays.

“What the city had done by failing to get the boat ramp application submitted in a timely fashion delayed the process,” Bruning reportedly said.

It’s unclear, however, whether such was the intention of the city.

The Coastal Commission does, however, have two agenda items listed for a meeting sometime in the future concerning the appeal and application of the boat launch facilities.

Both items were originally scheduled for an August hearing. The Log will report on further details as this story develops.

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