California YC Hosts Medical Emergency Preparedness Seminar

Byline: The Log Staff

MARINA DEL REY – The Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs and California Yacht Club will help prepare boaters for the busy summer cruising season during a free Medical Emergencies at Sea Seminar, June 15.

Boaters — both experienced and beginners — are invited to listen to California YC member Robert Kahn’s presentation on how to be prepared and handle emergencies while out on the water.

The talk will cover a variety of topics — including what to do if a passenger experiences a heart attack and how to tend to fractures and lacerations. Attendees will also learn how to assemble a first aid kit and deal with head injuries, hypothermia and bites by poisonous sea life.

The free seminar will be held at California YC, 4469 Admiralty Way. Reservations are required. Contact Pam Spriggs at pspriggs1@verizon.

For more information, call (310) 823-4567 or visit

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