California YC Luncheon Topic Is ‘Road to Mandalay’

Byline: The Log Staff

California YC Luncheon Topic Is ‘Road to Mandalay’

MARINA DEL REY — California Yacht Club will host a presentation titled “The Road to Mandalay — the Reawakening of Forbidden Burma” during the July 25 yachting luncheon.

Attendees will hear firsthand accounts from veteran travelers Marcello Coradini and Karen McBride, who will share their adventures in Myanmar and neighboring Thailand.

The two will show photos of their travels in Myanmar, home to some of the earliest civilizations of South East Asia. Formerly known as Burma, it was made famous to Westerners by author Rudyard Kipling, with the poem “Mandalay.” It is experiencing a reawakening after a prolonged state of isolationism under military-imposed rule since 1962.

The speakers will share captivating images and commentary.

“Our trip to Burma and Thailand will remain in our hearts and our minds for a long time: the colors, the monuments and the golden pagodas, the views, the devotion of the people for their gods and the infinite number of monks,” Coradini said. “We would like to share, with our pictures, our emotions and our love for such wonderful countries.”

A question and answer period is also planned.

California Yacht Club is located at 4469 Admiralty Way.

A Happy Hour is scheduled to begin at noon, followed by a buffet luncheon at 12:20 p.m. The presentation is scheduled to start at 12:40 p.m.

A $17.50 fee includes lunch and parking. For reservations, call (310) 823-4567 or visit

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