Catalina Divers Supply Welcomes Avelo Dive System to the Island, Pioneering a Revolution in Scuba Diving

AVALON– Catalina Divers Supply, the island’s only full-service dive center is offering the Avelo Dive System, an innovative new integrated tank and buoyancy control system pioneered in the Hawaiian Islands. 


The Avelo Dive System represents a leap forward in diving technology, enhancing safety and the overall diving experience. This revolutionary system combines advanced engineering with user-friendly features, offering divers an unparalleled underwater adventure.


“We’re honored to be the first dive center in the continental United States to offer Avelo,” said Christy Lins, the firm’s owner, in a statement. “This system is going to revolutionize the diving industry, offering safer dives, better buoyancy and lighter equipment.”


At the core of the Avelo System is a hydrotank that integrates a diver’s air supply and weight, using water to maintain neutral buoyancy. The system weighs about half the amount of traditional dive gear and eliminates the risk of uncontrolled ascents. With perfect neutral buoyancy, divers are also able to reduce their air consumption and have less of an impact on delicate marine ecosystems. 


Before experiencing Avelo in the water, divers will be certified in the system through the Recreational Avelo Diver course. “Along with certification, Avelo divers will get to experience the system here in the kelp forest,” Lins said. “We are offering a number of Avelo dive packages as part of the certification program.”


Founded in 1960, Catalina Divers Supply is one of the oldest dive shops on the West Coast. Dedicated to helping adventurers explore Catalina’s underwater world, the shop offers a full range of scuba classes and experiences as well as gear sales, rental and repair. Boat dives are available onboard the Scuba Cat. Catalina Divers Supply also offers snorkeling tours as well as snorkeling gear sales and rental. A PADI Five Star Dive Center, Catalina Divers Supply has been instrumental in the development and continued success of the Casino Point Dive Park, one of the most popular dive spots in North America. The company’s main location is on the ground floor of the Catalina Casino; a secondary location is situated on Avalon’s green Pleasure Pier.


October Harbor Activity Report


People aboard boats 4840 Average Temp- High 71
Vessels moored 1210 Average Temp- Low 69
Vessels anchored 176 Average Sea Temp 69
Moorings Sold/transferred 1/0 Rain (inches) 0
Citations Issued/discharges 1/0 Rain Days 0


Total cruise ship passengers/ visits 37,668/14 Weather warnings 5


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