Catalina Island Museum to host virtual event about the island’s mail carrier history

AVALON—The Catalina Island Museum will host a virtual program Jan. 23  about the island’s mail carrier history. The program will highlight a rare letter in the museum’s permanent collection from 1826. Written on the island and mailed to Ipswich, Massachusetts, the letter was the first known letter carried from the West Coast to the East Coast via Cape Horn. The museum’s Director of Exhibitions Johnny Sampson will explore the significance of this letter, how it relates to United States and Mexican history, and give a brief background about the use of carrier pigeons on the island. A special guest from the Compton Homing Pigeon Club will share information about training pigeons and Margarita Jackson, the Post Mistress of Avalon’s Post Office, will share how even today the island is unique in the way its mail delivery is handled. Jackson will also help kids learn how to properly address a letter and why it is important.

The event will be hosted through Zoom at 11 a.m. Jan. 23 and is open to the public. Tickets are available to members for $5 and non-members for $10. More details and ticket information is available at


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