CenterCal files second lawsuit against Redondo Beach

What Happened: CenterCal Properties, the El Segundo developer who proposed a $400 million revitalization of the King Harbor waterfront area, reportedly filed a second lawsuit against Redondo Beach.

The developer filed a federal lawsuit against Redondo Beach in June, according to news reports. CenterCal’s second lawsuit, which alleges breach of contract and due process violations, was reportedly filed in state court, Nov. 9.

Redondo Beach, coincidentally, terminated its lease agreement with CenterCal – just days ahead of the developer’s federal lawsuit filing.

Both sides have been engaged in a legal battle since Redondo Beach voters approved Measure C – a slow-growth ballot initiative effectively challenging CenterCal’s waterfront revitalization plans – in March.


What’s On Tap: Both lawsuits make similar allegations, according to news reports. CenterCal could pursue one lawsuit and drop the other depending on how a judge rules on the federal filing.

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