CG Honors L.A. Man For Rescue of Four from San Diego Bay

Byline: Log News Service

SAN PEDRO (LOG NEWS SERVICE) — The Coast Guard has honored a Los Angeles man with the Certificate of Valor for his heroic actions that resulted in the saving of four lives.

While sailing in San Diego Bay March 27, 2011, John Campbell spotted a capsized sailboat and a number of people struggling in the cold water nearby.

After diving into the water and tying a line between his boat and the vessel, Campbell proceeded to help several people aboard his own boat, including a mentally challenged teenager and an elderly man, both of whom who were clinging to the capsized sailboat. He continued to assist and comfort survivors in the water, including a mother and child he helped onto another rescue vessel.

Campbell stayed in the water until all 10 people were accounted for and rescued from the bay. He also assisted San Diego Harbor Police officers in moving the survivors onto a police boat.

The Coast Guard said that it was proud to honor Campbell for his determined efforts and outstanding initiative that resulted in the rescue of nearly half of the people thrown into San Diego Bay from the overturned sailboat.


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