Channel Islands Harbor dispute resolution postponed

The California Coastal Commission won’t be resolving a dispute involving Ventura County’s Harbor Department, the city of Oxnard and Channel Islands Harbor at its September meetings, as the quasi-judicial agency announced it would postpone the public hearing to a future meeting.

A redevelopment of Channel Islands Harbor’s Fisherman’s Wharf was scheduled to be on the Coastal Commission’s Sept. 14 agenda. The commission announced on Sept. 12, however, the item would be postponed to a future meeting.

One source familiar with the situation stated the dispute resolution and public hearing would be placed on the commission’s October agenda. The commission, however, did not confirm why the agenda item was postponed or whether it would be heard in October.

At the heart of the dispute resolution is whether a redeveloped Channel Islands Harbor could be zoned for certain uses. A dispute appears to exist in the interpretation of Ventura County and the city of Oxnard’s zoning laws. Ventura County and Oxnard share jurisdiction over Channel Islands Harbor.

The public hearing could be held as early as October, when the commission meets in Chula Vista, though the specific date and time of the hearing has not yet been announced.


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One thought on “Channel Islands Harbor dispute resolution postponed

  • Dotty Pringle

    Oxnard has this landslide zoned properly since inception. The state and the city
    are holding firm on their ordinances and laws which are lanside zoning/ordinances, because this is not a regular piece of land; it’s donated with specific uses and tax code allows no profit on land that was donated to public.
    County is trying to force a zoning change for the developer that they have helped tie this property up and others, for 4 years with no competitive bids from other developers. No jobs come to area from this project either.



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