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Channel Islands Harbor to re-open boat launch ramp

Boaters will be able to access the ramp as of April 24, but new guidelines will be in place – and enforced.

OXNARD—Ventura County offered some good news for local boaters: the boat launch ramp at Channel Islands Harbor will be re-opened to the boating public as of April 24 – but the re-opening comes with a set of strict guidelines for boaters to follow.

Mark Sandoval, Ventura County Harbor Department’s director, announced the following guidelines for boat launch ramp use:

  • the ramp will open daily at 6 a.m.
  • the ramp will close daily at 6 p.m.
  • Harbor Patrol will cite any vehicles remaining in the parking lot after it closing time
  • cited vehicles will be prohibited from using the boat launch ramp for one month
  • only three launch lanes (out of six) will be open during operating hours
  • only two of the four washing stations will be open during operating hours
  • boaters are urged to engage in social distancing when parking their vehicle/trailer
  • use of each vehicle or vessel will be limited to members of the same household
  • the Harbor Department recommends everyone wear masks when outside their vehicle or vessel.

“This reopening is meant to enhance wellness by facilitating outdoor recreation while including social distancing requirements to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” Sandoval said in a released statement. “We appreciate the patience of our boating community and expect them to continue to practice safe social distancing.”

Ventura County’s Harbor Department ordered the closures of Channel Island Harbor’s boat launch ramp, parks and beach parking lots on April 3.

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6 thoughts on “Channel Islands Harbor to re-open boat launch ramp

  • RG. Andrews

    The ramp should have never been closed. Boating offers some of the best outdoor activity providing distance inherent to the activity. Shopping, going to the gas station and like activities are much more susceptible to range issues. The language used in this somewhat of a re-opening hits like it’s a privilege order, it’s not! It’s expected and again, should have never been shut down and apologies for shutting it down need to replace this absurd announcement that has legal consequences for us peasants if we don’t do as told. Here’s some advice, earn the ridicules salaries your being paid by developing opportunity as opposed to simply shutting things down so you don’t have to do nothing! This is beyond stupid.

  • Enough is Enough its time for legal action against the County of Ventura for violation of 1st amendment’s rights. All Governmental agencies are trying to re-write our Constitution whereas we have the right for “Peaceable Assembly”. No where does is state restrictions. I understand we have a national problem with this virus, however look at the numbers in Ventura County???? They don’t add up to a crises. Write to your representatives both locally and nationally, if they don’t response to what the people want then it’s time to remove them from office and elect representatives for the people. The launch ramp is PUBLIC and should not have restrictions when they are NOT necessary. STOP THIS NON SENSE! STOP GOVERNMENT FROM STEPPING ON YOUR RIGHTS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is my opinion and please share your thoughts.

  • W Nussbaum

    Well said RG Andres & C Allen. This is a public ramp and they are limiting my boating to me, myself & I. I live alone, so I guess my daughter & son-in-law and grand kids can’t go out with me since they don’t reside with me. Boating is the “Ultimate” in social distancing!” Limiting the number of ramps & was stations? Don’t you think it is my right to decide if I want to go out or not? The ramp should have never been closed and to think I should be bowing down and kissing some ones behind cause it was opened with so many restrictions is crazy. Again, it is MY and YOUR tax dollars that pay for the ramp and the fat salaries these public officials earn…then they TRAMP ON OUR RIGHTS! RECALL THEM!!! I’m going out with my daughter & her family. What are they going to do??? Just my opinion.

  • Bob Chereon

    The history of the United States in the 20th century provides strong evidence that derogations from private property rights in a liberal democracy occur chiefly during national emergencies and that, once curtailed, private rights seldom regain their previous scope. The pattern should not be surprising. Crisis clearly alters the expected benefits and costs of curtailment of private rights on both sides of the political equation. A fearful public, ideologically predisposed to believe in the efficacy of governmental action, insists that the government “do something” to diminish the threat, perceiving the benefits of such action to be immediately and direct and the costs to be removed and largely external. This public perception is nurtured by those who, for material or ideological reasons, would use the occasion to further their economic or political aims. From a cost-benefit perspective, governmental officials experience reduced political costs and increased political benefits from curtailing private rights in crisis as compared to non-crisis conditions.

    As people adjust to the crisis-expanded role of government, many variables change in ways that diminish the likelihood that the post-crisis retrenchment of the government will restore private rights to their previous scope. Private citizens discover that governmental action in a liberal democracy need not lead to the establishment of totalitarianism, as some conservatives have predicted. Governmental officials develop the bureaucratic technology to administer their controls less abrasively and more effectively. Many people find the politically and economically rewarding paths to personal advancement unique to systems powered by discretionary governmental authority. Thus, history is irrevocably altered by the crisis-induced expansion of governmental authority. The change is consolidated and compounded as new generations never experience the broader realm of private rights that once prevailed. For the younger generations, the status quo is the current, high degree of governmental power; for them there is no personal experience and, therefore, no genuine appreciation of the old regime.

  • Paul Roques

    So why open only half of the launch lanes and wash stations? The message of “we’ll let you launch your boat as long as you maintain social distancing” doesn’t hold much water when you are now forced to do that in just half the space than was previously allowed in the times prior to this pandemic…I don’t get it.

    • Paul Roques

      Update on my previous comment.
      I just spoke with Mark, the Harbor Manager, regarding the lane/wash down closures. What they have done to increase the space for social distancing was to close every other lane which I find actually makes a lot of sense…for some reason I had envisioned them drawing a line down the middle and closing off half of the lanes.
      Bottom line is that they are trying to do all they can to allow people to boat…beats having a closed ramp.



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