Coastal Commission approves revisions for Redondo Beach’s waterfront project

Despite the bitter lawsuit between the city and developer CenterCal, business for Redondo Beach goes ahead as usual.

REDONDO BEACH — The California Coastal Commission, in August, decided Measure C, a bill Redondo Beach locals approved in response to a controversial waterfront development, would apply to CenterCal’s The Waterfront project. Developer CenterCal ,however, claimed vested rights to the property. The future of Redondo Beach’s harbor revitalization plan is uncertain, but the Coastal Commission is moving forward with business as usual.

The Coastal Commission, Oct. 10, voted to adopt revised findings to the city of Redondo Beach’s Local Coastal Program (LCP), which matches the agency’s decision on Aug. 9.

According to the staff report: “The amendment would impose new development standards in the King Harbor-Pier area by adding specific standards for preserving the Seaside Lagoon and adding five new land use regulations for Coastal Commercial Zones regarding view protection, development of a boat launch, parking regulations, traffic circulation, and adding development types that would be subject to the existing development cap. The LCP amendment request affects only the implementation plan (IP) portion of the certified LCP and does not propose any rezoning or land use changes.”

CenterCal’s original designs left a bad taste in the community’s mouth. Since the passing of Measure C, the city and CenterCal have had major disagreements. In an effort to recover the loss, CenterCal sued Redondo Beach; the lawsuit is still ongoing.

Redondo Beach city staff has taken some steps ahead, including hiring the reputable coastal engineering Moffatt & Nichol to survey and re-build Sportsfishing Pier. In January, Sportsfishing Pier was finally closed due to the decay and decomposition of the pier, which became a safety hazard.

Redondo Beach City Council member Nils Nehrenheim previously told The Log public feedback meetings for the waterfront revitalization project would need to begin again.

The next steps will be continuing discussions on position of the boat launch ramp and rebuilding the pier and parking structure.

CenterCal is currently constructing a new seaside development called 2nd & PCH in Long Beach.

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