Costa Sporting Chef Café: a Fred Hall Show Tradition

Byline: The Log Staff

Costa Sporting Chef Café: a Fred Hall Show Tradition

For more than 10 years, Fred Hall Show attendees have been treated to Scott Leysath, the Sporting Chef, and his unique blend of cooking and humor.

Leysath cooks fish and game at the Fred Hall Shows … the Ultimate Outdoor Experience, in a theater-style setting. A camera is focused on the pan, which allows spectators sitting in the theater to follow everything Leysath does on a big-screen television monitor.

Leysath’s recipes for cooking fish and game are delicious and easy to understand. As the cooking star of the TV shows “Hunt, Fish, Cook” and “Dead Meat,” he travels all over the world to cook various kinds of fish and game. Leysath’s stories are fascinating, and his delivery is worthy of his own comedy show.

When Leysath finishes cooking a recipe, he shares it with the audience. Not only is the Sporting Chef Café informative and entertaining, it’s also full of good food samples.

Leysath is joined in the Costa Sporting Chef Café by songwriter/musician/singer Gary Shiebler. Shiebler will sing his nationally famous fishing songs — and the pair provide a running and very funny repartee during each segment.

Occasionally joining Leysath and Shiebler at the Costa Café will be Tommy Gomes, manager of Catalina Seafood Products. CSP can ship extremely fresh seafood right to your door.

Gomes is also the inventor of the extremely popular and effective fishing bait, Uni Goop. He can show you how to fillet fish to get the most meat with the least amount of waste.

At press time, Tommy was trying to obtain some giant squid for the Fred Hall Show. He wanted to show everyone the best way to get the most usable meat from one of these unusual sea creatures. Southern Californians are visited by giant squid nearly every year, but they can be hard to deal with in the kitchen — if you don’t have Gomes’ expert advice.

So, while visiting the Fred Hall Show … the Ultimate Outdoor Experience, stop by the Costa Sporting Chef Café — in Long Beach, March 6-10; and in Del Mar, March 21-24. You won’t be disappointed.


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