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Cruising Yachts, Inc. awarded dealership for Catalina and True North Yachts

LARGO, Florida—Cruising Yachts, Inc. announced in late September it is now selling Catalina sailing yachts and True North power yachts at all of its locations. All models of both Catalina and True North will be offered at their locations in San Diego, Marina del Rey and Alameda.

“The quality and innovation that Catalina Yachts has continually exhibited in its product line caught our eye and we just became more and more impressed every year,” Tom Dameron, owner of Cruising Yachts, said in a released statement. “We have been hoping to persuade Catalina Yachts for several years now that we could do a good job for them, but because they are very relationship-oriented and extremely loyal with their dealers, we simply had to wait for nature’s natural attrition to take its toll for that to finally happen. We have been wanting a high-quality powerboat line for some time, and the True North line just happens to fill that need for us also.”

For more information, visit CatalinaYachts.com.

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