Cyclone adds evening runs for Avalon-Two Harbors route

Operators of the powerboat Cyclone announced the addition of evening runs between Avalon and Two Harbors for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cyclone transports Catalina Island visitors from Avalon to Two Harbors within 40 minutes (versus one-plus hour between the two cities via private vehicle and about two hours by Safari Bus).

The boat’s operator stated the added runs are due to a 70 percent increase in ridership. Those boarding Cyclone are provided with a narrated cruise as they navigate to Two Harbors, where they can pursue various activities such as hiking, camping or kayaking.

The Catalina Island Co. hopes the addition of evening runs would translate into increased business for Harbor Reef Restaurant and Harbor Sands.

Tickets between Avalon and Two Harbor are $15 each way and available for sale at Green Pleasure Pier, Two Harbors Visitor Services or any other Catalina Island Co. ticket booth. Online purchases are available at visitcatalinaIsland.com/thboat.

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One thought on “Cyclone adds evening runs for Avalon-Two Harbors route

  • Bill lefever

    We were in Avalon in July. I asked the captain a question from the pier and he couldn’t have been less interested in speaking with me. Didn’t even bother to get up off his butt and come to the rail to speak, and no he was not doing anything at the time. I had 7 people that wanted to go round trip to Two Harbors. We chose to not go do to his lazy response. Not a good impression.



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