DFG Releases Mobile Website with MPA Maps

Byline: Taylor Hill

DFG Releases Mobile Website with MPA Maps

SACRAMENTO — Anglers heading out on offshore fishing trips will be able to locate all the planned Marine Protected Areas off Southern California with a glance at their smartphones — as long as they have cell service. The California Department of Fish and Game’s new mobile website recently added maps of the north, central and south coast Marine Protected Areas, so anglers can see where the no-fishing zones are — wherever they may be.

“We think this site is a thing of genius,” said DFG Director Charlton H. Bonham. “This site will help immensely in our outreach efforts regarding the MPAs.”

With the regulations already in place in the north coast and central coast areas, the south coast region regulations are expected to be implemented Jan. 1, 2012.

Though some offshore areas may have spotty cellphone coverage, the website is expected to be useful to anglers, boaters and others who plan to use or pass through MPA waters. Users can access the information from personal computers, as well as smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The site’s color-coded map shows distinctions between different levels of protection in each MPA — and it allows users to select areas by map, county, region or by alphabetical order.

“This site is testament to the caliber and commitment of DFG employees,” Bonham said.

To view the site, visit dfg.ca.gov/mobile.

Marine Protected Areas to go into effect Jan. 1, 2012:

San Diego County:

Agua Hedionda Lagoon State Marine Reserve

Batiquitos Lagoon State Marine Park

Buena Vista Lagoon State Marine Park

Cardiff-San Elijo State Marine Conservation Area

Encinitas State Marine Conservation Area

La Jolla State Marine Conservation Area

Mia J. Tegner State Marine Conservation Area

San Diego-Scripps State Marine Conservation Area

San Dieguito Lagoon State Marine Park

San Elijo Lagoon State Marine Park

Orange County:

Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area

Dana Point State Marine Conservation Area

Doheny Beach State Marine Conservation Area

Doheny State Marine Conservation Area

Heisler Park State Marine Reserve

Irvine Coast State Marine Conservation   Area

Laguna Beach State Marine Conservation Area

Niguel State Marine Conservation Area

Robert E. Badham State Marine Conservation Area

South Laguna Beach State Marine Conservation Area

Upper Newport Bay State Marine Park

Los Angeles County:

Abalone Cove State Marine Park

Arrow Point to Lion Head Point Invertebrate Area, Catalina Island Special Closure

Catalina Marine Science Center State Marine Reserve

Farnsworth Bank State Marine Conservation Area

Lover’s Cove State Marine Conservation Area

Point Fermin State Marine Park

Ventura County:

Anacapa Island Special Closure

Anacapa Island State Marine Conservation Area

Anacapa Island State Marine Reserve

Big Sycamore Canyon State Marine Reserve

Footprint State Marine Reserve, Anacapa Channel

Santa Barbara County:

Carrington Point State Marine Reserve,  Santa Rosa Island

Goleta Slough State Marine Park

Gull Island State Marine Reserve, Santa  Cruz Island

Harris Point State Marine Reserve, San Miguel Island

Judith Rock State Marine Reserve, San Miguel Island

Painted Cave State Marine Conservation Area, Santa Cruz Island

Refugio State Marine Conservation Area

Richardson Rock State Marine Reserve, San Miguel Island

San Miguel Island Special Closure

Santa Barbara Island State Marine Reserve

Scorpion State Marine Reserve, Santa Cruz Island

Skunk Point State Marine Reserve, Santa Rosa Island

South Point State Marine Reserve, Santa Rosa Island

Vandenberg State Marine Reserve


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