Dinghy Doctor Moves to SD’s Albatross Boathouse

Byline: The Log Staff

SAN DIEGO — With the opening of Albatross Boathouse, the new home of the Dinghy Doctor and other marine businesses, Kurtz and Hancock streets in Loma Portal — near the Sports Arena — are seeing a growing influx of boat businesses.

Attracted to the area by favorable lease terms, industrial zoning and close proximity to both San Diego and Mission Bay, as well as immediate freeway access, increasing numbers of boat shops are finding the area hard to overlook. Aquarius Yacht Maintenance, a longtime Shelter Island business, has also been giving the area serious consideration.

Loma Portal has for years been a quiet home to many small welding shops, marine shipwrights and canvas shops, as well as a few larger boat repair facilities. But it now seems that their secret is out, according to the staff at the Dinghy Doctor.

Albatross Boathouse will open its 8,500 square foot showroom April 2 — the largest indoor boat showroom in San Diego. On display are expected to be a large selection of inflatable boats from the Dinghy Doctor — including models from Caribe, AB, Achilles and San Diego’s own Taurus RIBs, as well as Klamath Aluminum Boats and Yamaha, Mercury, Honda and Tohatsu outboards.

Visit Albatross Boathouse at 3302 Kurtz St.

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