Dog Aboard Roundup: “Fur Mates” of 2017

As man’s best friend, dogs are constant companions loyally following their masters through a series of exploits. In the case of these furry navigators, that means taking a relaxing trip on a boat. These sweet puppers loved the fresh sea air as much as their owners — and it shows!

In this section, we have compiled all photo submissions printed in The Log’s department Dog Aboard from the past year. If you have a fellow sail-wagger or furmaid who would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, please email photos to To send photos via snail mail, address submissions to our office address at 18745 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, Calif. 92708.

Dog Aboard 1.13

Dog Aboard 1.27

Dog Aboard 2.10

Dog Aboard 2.24

Dog Aboard 3.10

Dog Aboard 3.24

Dog Aboard 4.07

Dog Aboard 4.21

Dog Aboard 5.05

Dog Aboard 5.19

Dog Aboard 6.02

Dogs Aboard 6.16

Dog Aboard 6.30

Dogs Aboard 7.14

Dogs Aboard 7.28

Dogs Aboard 8.11

Dog Aboard 8.25

Dog Aboard 9.08

Dog Aboard 9.22

Dog Aboard 10.06

Dog Aboard 10.20

Dog Aboard 11.3

Dog Aboard 11.17

Dog Aboard 12.01

Dog Aboard 12.15

Dog Aboard 12.29

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One thought on “Dog Aboard Roundup: “Fur Mates” of 2017

  • January 9, 2018 at 8:55 am

    All nice dogs and love pictures, but there are real boat dogs such as Schipperke and Portuguese Water dog, etc which are getting left out. Still miss my Schipperke…..



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