Duffy Innovator to Launch 58-foot Offshore Cruiser

Duffy Innovator to Launch 58-foot Offshore Cruiser

NEWPORT BEACH – Marshall Duffield, innovator of the Duffy electric boat, is stepping outside his typical boat designs as the electric boat guru prepares to launch the new Duffield 58 in 2015.

“The premise behind the boat is that it uses half the fuel of boats of equal size,” Duffield said. “We can do that by using advanced diesel engines and lightweight construction material.”

Built in his factory based in Adelanto, Calif., the vessel burns only 22 gallons per hour at 17 knots with a single Caterpillar diesel engine. Advertised as the “entire package,” the classically designed luxury yacht can cruise a comfortable speed while burning close to half the rate of a heavier, beamier boat.

“We’ve been working on this for a couple of years,” Duffield said. “We wanted to make it a hybrid but it was too expensive; the end result is a very fuel efficient boat.”

The Duffield 58 uses standard “Seakeeper” gyro stabilization and is built from lightweight resin infused materials. Designed by Doug Zurn, the boat is ideal for cruising in the harbor or on the open ocean.

“The semi-displacement hull form of the Duffield 58 is designed to drive the vessel effortlessly through the waves,” Zurn explained in a prepared statement. “Short overhangs provide more interior volume, and a longer waterline contributes to longitudinal stability for a more comfortable, level ride.

“The fine bow entry at 50 degrees deadrise transitions gracefully to a smooth run off aft with only 9.5 degrees deadrise,” he added. “The flats of the chine help entice water to move away from the hull, producing not only a dryer ride and more stable ride, but less resistance as well with smaller stern waves.”

The one-level interior salon provides enough space to host guests in a comfy environment. Guests do not have to worry about raising their voice to be heard since noise is drastically reduced due to the engine being installed in the cockpit. It is soft-mounted remotely from the prop shaft to minimize vibration, according to the designer’s website.

The Duffield 58 also features joystick maneuverability and 360-degree visibility from the cockpit to main helm station as there are no cabins, bulkheads or stairs to impede the captain’s view. A swim platform, ample room for anchoring and docking on the foredeck, an icemaker and cockpit entertainment cabinet with a built in barbeque are also some of the boat’s highlights.             Duffield intends to launch the boat in Newport Harbor once construction is completed.

For more information, visit duffieldyachts.com.

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