Fishing Green: California Clean Boating Resources

Staff Note: This is a guest column authored by the staff of California’ Division of Boating and Waterways and does not reflect the views of The Log.

SACRAMENTO—Keeping our waterways free of sewage and contaminants makes fishing much more enjoyable, since we know the waters are safer and the fish are healthier. Here is a list of free educational resources and services to support your clean boating practices:

  • California Boater Kit. This free kit includes oil absorbents, the “ABCs of California Boating: A Guide to Boating Law and Safety” publication, tide books and much more. Visit ly/2020CABoaterKit to take a quick questionnaire and have a chance to receive a Boater Kit.
  • Universal Deck Adapter. Head to org/adapterkit/to order this free pollution prevention device and learn how to use it from the education video found in that page. Adapters can also be bought online from marine supply stores.
  • Download the Free Pumpout Nav App.Using this free mobile app, find the closest operational pumpouts, dump stations and floating restrooms; watch educational videos; report nonfunctional units; log your pumpouts; and more.
  • Los Angeles County Honey Pot Day Program. This program offers one free mobile boat-to-boat sewage pumpout via a voucher code in exchange for participating in an educational quiz. To learn more and sign up, visit
  • Clean Boating Videos. com/videos
  • The California Fishing Line Recycling Program ( Not only is discarded fishing line dangerous to wildlife, it can ruin your boat. Collect your line to be recycled at several convenient locations.
  • Consider a Compostable Marine Toilet” Informational Flyer. Check out this handy guide about this waterless, eco-friendly sewage option! Visit

Printed Materials:


To order copies these resources, email Vivian Matuk at

  • Boater’s Guide Southern California.” This guide provides information about recreational opportunities within the 15 Southern California harbors, boat safety and proper maintenance techniques, and custom maps and harbor information, including how to obtain a guest slip, location of waste and pumpout facilities, entrance obstacles and more.
  • Southern California Tide Calendar. This handy pocket-sized guide includes Southern California tide tables, sewage management tips, a list of boat-to-boat mobile pumpout services, Marine Protected Area information, harbor resources and more.
  • “When Nature Calls: California Sewage Vessel Guide.” This publication gives information on proper boat sewage management, marine sanitation devices, regulations, pumpout instructions, green solutions and no discharge zones and restricted water bodies.

To order copies of these resources, visit

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