Free safety training for harbor users in Santa Barbara, Nov. 8

Waterfront Department provides updates on Harbor Watch, Harbor Patrol and Marina One.

SANTA BARBARA ― Boaters and slip holders in Santa Barbara will have the opportunity to obtain some free safety training at a Harbor Watch meeting on Nov. 8.

Harbor Operations Manager Mick Kronman said the plan is to have the local fire department demonstrate how to properly use fire extinguishers and fire dock boxes.

Kronman provided an update of the Harbor Watch program at the Oct. 19 Santa Barbara Harbor Commission meeting.

The Harbor Watch program is similar to San Diego’s iWatch My Bay, in which Harbor Patrol provides information to the boating community at general meetings. Both programs are a type of neighborhood watch, where boaters are notified of recent waterfront area crimes and encouraged to report crime or suspicious activity.

The Santa Barbara program, however, has been around for a long time, whereas San Diego iWatch My Bay only started three years ago.

“The Waterfront Department began as a ‘Harbor Watch’ program in the 1990s,” a harbor operations report to the commission stated. “Over time, the program has morphed into a general information exchange between harbor users and Harbor Patrol, followed by more practical, even hands-on, education and training.

“Meetings have included everything from CPR/First Aid training, to hands-on demonstrations…to guest speakers,” the report continued.

The Harbor Watch meetings are held twice a year.

The meetings are scheduled on the “second Wednesday in November and the Tuesday before Memorial Day in May, which coincides with National Safe Boating Week,” Kronman announced.

The Harbor Watch meeting last May involved a presentation on flares with 30 people in attendance.

The next Harbor Watch meeting on Nov. 8 will be held at the Marine Center classroom located at 125 Harbor Way from 6-8 p.m. Local boaters can call Harbor Patrol for more information about the program and the meeting at 805-564-5531.

Harbor Patrol

Kronman also told the commission the Harbor Patrol in Santa Barbara now has a full team of 10, thanks to the addition of two new officers.

Thomas O’Neil officially joined the department, Sept. 6; he has a background as a sailing instructor and competitive sailor.

“He [also] has an extensive maritime background having previously worked as a captain for the Island Packers, Explorer Dive Boat, So Cal Ship Services and Hook’s Landing in Ventura,” Kronman shared with the commission.

Nathan Alldredge was hired as a Harbor Patrol Officer on August 21.

He has “a decade of experience as a local educator as well as working as a deckhand with the Island Packers, and he had several years as Harbor Patrol Crew,” Kronman said.

“He holds a Coast Guard Operators license and [Emergency Medical Technician] certification,” Kronman also mentioned.

Alldredge speaks five languages which include German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Marina One

Waterfront Facilities Manager Karl Treiberg reported to the commission on the status of the Marina One Replacement Project.

All that remains of the Marina One Replacement Project is the final phase (Phase 8), which includes fingers A, B, C and D.

Treiberg told the commission the final phase of the project is scheduled to begin Nov. 28, with the 25-foot slips (B and C fingers).

“Demolition of the existing docks, installation of the new docks and utilities will be completed before the holidays allowing boaters to return to their slips prior to January 1,” the facilities management report states. “Construction will resume January 2nd with ‘D’ finger and then transition to ‘A’ finger with completion expected by the middle of February.”

Treiberg mentioned all slip permittees were able to be moved somewhere else within the harbor during all the phases of the project.

Bellingham Marine Industries “has become very efficient installing new docks and slip permittees will be displaced 3-4 weeks at most,” the report stated.

Treiberg reported the entire project is expected to be completed on time and under budget.

“The bid for Phase 8 is $1.9 million,” Treiberg added. “This has been paid for with a loan from the Division of Boating and Waterways [in the amount of] $14.5 million dollars, and, to-date, we have been reimbursed for $11,055,980.”

The Marina One rebuild project started in 2009 and is expected to be finished in February 2018.

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