Fourth of July celebrations could affect Coronado boaters

CORONADO – Boaters should be aware of increased impacts to the Glorietta Bay Boat Launching Facility and special anchorage in Glorietta Bay due to the Fourth of July holiday.

The boat launch facility has seen an increase in the number of boaters due to the planned closure of the Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility, which is undergoing a $9.6 million makeover. The City warns boaters to plan ahead. Arrive early and avoid being ticketed or towed by parking legally. All trailers must remain attached to vehicles being towed and there is no overnight camping or lodging allowed in the City.

Boaters may consider using another boat launch ramp if unable to arrive early. Click here for information on alternative boat launch ramps in San Diego via the Port’s website.

City Lifeguards will set up and direct boaters to special anchorage in Glorietta Bay from noon on Monday, July 2, through noon on Thursday, July 5, due to the Fourth of July holiday. The A-5 Glorietta Bay Anchorage will be closed due to its proximity to the fireworks barge. Permits will not be needed at the special anchorage location.

Vessels attempting to enter before the designated time will be turned away. Overnight anchoring permits will be required starting Thursday, July 5. Check with Coronado Lifeguards for details at 619-522-2628.

Photo Credit: Parimal M. Rohit

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