Great Seminars Set for Fred Hall Long Beach Show

Byline: The Log Staff

Great Seminars Set for Fred Hall Long Beach Show

Most people don’t realize that at the Fred Hall Shows … the Ultimate Outdoor Experience, more than 600 seminars take place during a nine-day period. There are more than 400 seminars in five days at Long Beach, and more than 200 seminars in four days at San Diego. The Long Beach Show is going on March 6-10, at the Long Beach Convention Center; and the San Diego Show is set for March 21-24, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

This year, the seminars have been consolidated into three different venues: the Ultimate Eastern Sierra Experience, the Ultimate Saltwater Experience and the Ultimate Bass Fishing Experience.

The Ultimate Eastern Sierra Experience will feature both individual seminar speakers and several panels of speakers each day. They will cover fishing, hunting, packing, climbing, skiing and hiking in the Eastern Sierra. The areas covered will include the Lower Owens River, Bishop Creek, Lake Sabrina and the high country lakes, Crowley Lake, Convict Lake, the Mammoth Lakes, the lakes of the “June Loop,” Bridgeport Lake and all of the mountain streams and rivers in between. The Ultimate Eastern Sierra Experience is sponsored by Mammoth Lakes. Legendary angler, businessman and coach Tim Alpers will be the featured speaker each day and will be the moderator of all of the daily panel discussions.

The Ultimate Saltwater Experience will focus on nearshore fishing, offshore fishing (including long-range fishing) and the private boater experience. There again will be individual speakers and several panels per day. Expert anglers, boat manufacturers, mechanics and biologists will give us the ultimate view of our saltwater coast. It is sponsored by “Let’s Talk Hook Up.” The private boater panels will consist of Harold Davis, Mark Wisch and Rob Sanford — three private boater icons who will be able to answer just about question. The Ultimate Calico Bass Fishing panel will include Corey Sandon, Ben Florentino, Jimmy Decker and Jack Sowell. That panel will be moderated by Pete Gray of “Let’s Talk Hook Up,” and it should not be missed if you fish for calico bass.

The final seminar venue will be the Ultimate Bass Fishing Experience. Bass fishing professionals — as individuals and in panel discussions — will talk about what is important to bass anglers in the West. It will be a bass fishing bonanza of information, sponsored by Typhoon Optics.

Of course, there will still be the Seeker Rods Saltwater Tank with hourly seminars and the Typhoon Freshwater Tank, incorporated into these new seminar venues. The venues themselves will be hard-walled theater-style settings.

There will also be a shooting sports seminar area, where indoor shooting demonstrations and seminars will take place throughout the run of the shows. The venue features the famous Jack Dagger Show and the revolver Speed Shooting Challenge.             Outside, the Kids Fish Free Trout Pond will be sponsored by Mammoth Lakes. The outside area will feature the Convict Lake Food Court, the Department of Fish and Wildlife Laser Shot Trailer, the Big 5 Airgun Range, the Ram Dock Dogs and the Mammoth Lakes Archery Range. In San Diego, there will also be a special “Lumberjack” show, sponsored by the San Diego County Ford Dealers.

Visit fredhall.com for more details.

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