Idea for a Floating Hotel Sinks

CATALINA ISLAND一In 1986 there was a proposal for an elaborate floating hotel just off of Santa Catalina Island in Avalon Harbor. On Aug. 25, 1989, there was a meeting held in Long Beach between Innerspace Inns International and state and local agencies. At the meeting there was an informal presentation for the hotel would have held over 500 guests with a gym, sauna, nightclub, underwater suites with viewing windows, and a marine research laboratory. The original proposal in 1986 would have placed the hotel just outside of Avalon Harbor serving as a hotel and a breakwater. The plan was rejected because it was considered vague and blocked the view from Avalon. The company offered to move the hotel to other locations around the island but each location was rejected by the islanders because it was thought to ruin the natural beauty of the island.

Photo Credit the artist’s rendering from a 1989 issue of the Log

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