Jaime L. Lee elected president of Port of L.A. Board

Newly appointed Port of Los Angeles Commissioner Jaime L. Lee was elected president of the commission’s board, April 19, succeeding Ambassador Vilma Martinez, who recently retired from the same position.

Lee was nominated to the port’s Harbor Commission by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and approved by City Council members a few days before her election as president.

“I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My only agenda has ever been to serve the city of Los Angeles. I’m really looking forward to this community [in San Pedro] becoming a home in many ways,” Lee said in her opening remarks as president.

Martinez retired from the Los Angeles Harbor Commission in early April, relinquishing her seat as president. Lee was quickly nominated and appointed to fill the commission’s lone vacancy. She previously served as president and commissioner of the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System Board of Administration.

The Harbor Commission, according to port district staff, oversees the management and operation of the Port of Los Angeles.

Lee earned her bachelor’s and law degrees from USC.

Lee will serve a five-year term as commissioner. Elections for president and vice-president are generally held each July.

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2 thoughts on “Jaime L. Lee elected president of Port of L.A. Board

  • Karey king

    Jamie lee or are horrible !!!! How can you say you happy to serve San Pedro area but yet today you vote against ilwu … that is the back bone of our harbor area !!!!! Thanks for nothing how are we going to spend money in our community when we have no jobs !!!! Answer that question ? I see you as making out community spiral down not today but in years can’t wait until your voted out .. and you say you were born and raised in la ? Please take the time to answer that , what ideas do you have for our Harbor Area? Please let us know

    • Karey king

      I owe you an apology Jamie Lee , from my previous comment … I mis understood the voting outcome …. as you may know the harbor area is furious at this outcome …



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